Does the Church require that a vasectomy be reversed?

I have a question:

My daughter and fiance were both baptised Catholic, but each got married out side the church, and into failed marriages…Now they want to return to and get married in the Church and raise the four children, from previous marriages, in the Catholic faith…This is something my wife and I had been praying for, for many year’s…So they went to meet with the deacon, at our local parish, to arrange to take the appropiate classes…They were informed by the deacon, that he would have to agree to have the vasectomy he had reversed.
He had this procedure done for what he thought were the right reasons, when he was married to and spouse with drug and alcohol problem that landed her in prison…This is a deal breaker as far as marrying in the Catholic church, as far as they are concerned…What is the churches stance on this???
Can anyone tell me??

Dear friend,

The Church has made no such requirements other that the man must go to Confession in order to receive the Eucharist again. The deacon is misinformed. They might want to approach another parish.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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