Does the church say anything about age gap when dating?

Hey! Was just wondering of the church says anything on age gap when dating?
My bf is 32 and I am 23 … thanks!

No. It doesn’t. That is a matter of prudential judgment, not faith and morals.

No issue… My grandparents (devout Catholics born in the 1920s and 1930s) were 10 year apart to the exact day.

That’s not bad. You may prefer dating someone a bit older.
most of my friends in their early 40’s have Gf’s that are in their early 30’s
its win win.

That’s the only issue I can see! :smiley:

An age gap of 9. Years in my mind would be about the upper age gap limit,
The reason I say this, is because when your 23 / 32 May seem fine,
But when one is 65 and the other is under 55 , there can be a big age gap in the way you think, the younger is still in career mode while becoming hostile towards the older because they no longer are, my opinion only because I have close friends in this situation,

I was 27 and hubby 40 when we married. Been 45 years now, and never any problems with age gap. Anyway, that is how it worked for us.

Prudentially, I don’t think there’s a one-sized-fits-all answer.

When I was 32, I actually did date a 23 year-old. It didn’t work out, and age was a big part of the problem. Even though she had been completely financially independent for several years, and even though she had been putting herself through school, there was still a noticeable maturity gap.

But like I said, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. This was my experience. Other people have had great results. My grandparents had a 10 year age gap. But I would be sticking slightly closer to my age.

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