Does the devil attack Catholics more than non Catholics?


hi :slight_smile:

what do you think? :confused: especially if you converted to Catholicism, do you find that now that you’re Catholic you’re being faced with more temptations and more obvious attacks then you were before?

I’m asking because I’ve noticed that now that I’m Catholic, the enemy has been more “aggressive” (if that’s the right word to use…) and more obvious in trying to get me to stray from God, when before it was more subtle. I’m wondering if Im the only one, and if this is supposed to be that way?

any thoughts?

I’m not trying to say that we should focus on the devil, btw. I’m trying to just focus on God and pray, especially to pray the Rosary and receive the Sacraments, and that way the enemy has MUCH less power over us :slight_smile: I was just thinking, that maybe because we have the Sacraments, the devil has to do more in order to tempt us… if someone is an atheist, it’s sort of easier to tempt them, perhaps, cause they don’t expect or notice it. Some Saints even saw the demons, or were even physically beat up by them, cause I guess anything less than that didn’t work on them anymore. Do you think this is true?


The devil despises those who are in his service and rarely bothers to trouble them.

The whole point of being a Christian is to overcome sin and the devil, so of course if you’re Catholic you will encounter the devil a great deal more in battle than if you are one of the devil’s invented religions. :slight_smile:

So yes it is supposed to be this way. When it is not this way it is a VERY bad sign.

You will have to overcome the temptations that are presented to you and the sins that were in you from the past, and his servants will do their best that this does not occur.


The devil and his troops(evil spirits)seem to be working harder to destroy our faith and society in general.Our government(USA)testifies to this.Drug addiction is of epidemic proportions,Alcoholism,Abortions and other Child abuses are common and even accepted.Sadly,a lot of Catholics either don’t know or don’t care what the Church Teaches.Truth in our time is relative truth not real truth.Satan is destroying marridges,homes,neighborhoods and countries.Personally,we are tempted with sexual sins,greed,lack of charity,you name it.Are we in a bigger battle than our separated brethern?I’ll let them tell us.But,WE WILL OVERCOME! WE WILL BE THE VICTORS.I am not boasting in my own strength,I am Boasting in the Blood of the Lamb.I am Boasting in the Power and Might of our Lord and Saviour,Jesus Christ.


We pose more of a threat because we have the whole truth.


It seems to me, that recent converts, and those seriously considering conversion are bigger targets than those who have been Catholic for sometime already. It is like the devil knows he losing and wants to give it his best, last shot!


Dang good point!


As a convert - no.

As for seeing demons - why darken the heart with stuff like that ? :slight_smile: I for one have difficulty seeing God in others, even though He is certainly present in them. So thinking about seeing demons takes a low place. STM you could be thinking about the Desert Fathers, & perhaps St. Anthony in particular:
[/LIST]Unlike a previous poster, ISTM that temptations multiply with time - but probably everyone will have a different story to tell.


The devil and his defeated angels attack Catholics because Catholics have better “credentials” and know the whole “scoop” rather than non-Catholics.

A very pious Catholic who has fallen is a better “TROPHY” than a non-Catholic.


I think he attacks borderline and lapsed Catholics more. I would think he has a better chance to push these folks over the edge. I know I was more open to more off the wall philosophies when I was away from the Church than now. My kids are falling for some of the same questionable beliefs and ideas.

It’s the folks who are about to fall away or who have turned their backs on the Church that Satan has the best chance to win over. Why waste your time on a devout Catholic, when you can have a juicy atheist or new ager. Some of these folks are already playing with fire anyway, just a little bit of kerosene, and they could burst into flames.

Satan is no fool. He may be evil, but He is not stupid.


My dear sister Monica,

Peace be with you! As you know, I too walked the path of a convert in coming back home to the Church.

I have also noticed that after my coming home that temptations did not cease in intensity, and indeed, some of them grew.

One of my spiritual fathers and my mentor pointed out that the Evil One is endangered by me…and therefore is trying to do all that is possible to shipwreck my newfound faith.

I have no doubt that for those who are truly seeking God, they propose a devestating threat to the Evil One. Therefore, he will do all that is possible to destroy the life within us.

However, what we must be ever aware is that “Christ is in our midst!” He does not abandon us…and when the darkness comes in its strongest, that allows His Light to shine even more brightly than before.

Read 1 Peter chapters 1 and 2. Trust in the words of the Bible here and take courage.

The Good Shepherd NEVER abandons His own…I know this personally. :wink:

The Lord is with you, make no mistake about that! :thumbsup:


An Eastern proverb states:

“A candle flickers most violently just before being blown out.” :wink:

The Evil One is being crushed within you…and this Easter season is a particularly grave period of languishing for him.

To repeat the Byzantine Catholic troparion:

“Christ is Risen from the dead. He has*** trampled down*** death by death and given life to those in the tombs!”



Monica, i converted a year ago. i think it is the opposite of what you are describing. i think it is the Holy Spirit showing me where i need to improve. because we have the Sacraments we have the greater graces of God and so i have the strength to follow Him. focus on the good that Jesus sees in you and remember that He is on your side. :slight_smile:


So is there a point system? 3 for Catholic, 2 for other Christians and 1 for the lowly atheist?


In my opinion, it doesn’t matter if you are Catholic or non-Catholic, the more you are closer to God, the more devils wants to attack you. A Catholic who isn’t practicing the faith, devils probably don’t have to work hard to get him/her.


‘You possess a great treasure, and the devil knows its value. It is well worth the trouble he will have in taking it from you. Very often it is only the affair of a moment.’

‘Do you not know that he who would attain holiness brings upon himself violent struggles and temptations? And, in the midst of these furious assault loosed upon you, you say: “But I never used to be tempted like this!” True; in those days the devil had no fear of you. So do not be frightened at seeing your temptations increased when you are more fervent in God’s service.’

‘Then let us be pure; Jesus Christ wills it. Let us labor to make our heavenly garment ever whiter and whiter.’

‘Let us become pure, and let delicacy, that fair flower of faith and love, grow in our heart. . . He loves pure hearts; His delight is to be among the lilies; and the secret of His royal favor is purity of heart guarded with fidelity.’

St. Peter Julian Eymard

St Francis, being one day in prayer in the Convent of the Portiuncula, saw, by the revelation of God, that all the convent was surrounded and besieged by devils, as by a great army; but none could penetrate into the convent, because the brothers were so holy that the demons could not enter into any of them. They remained, however, on the watch, until one day a certain brother being offended by another, thought in his heart how he could accuse and do him harm. Having yielded to this evil thought, the devil, seeing a way open to him, entered the convent and took possession of the brother. On this St Francis, like a vigilant pastor, ever watching over his flock, seeing the brother, and commanded him to confess immediately the hatred he had nourished in his heart towards his neighbour, which had caused him to fall into the power of the enemy. The brother, much alarmed, and seeing that his saintly father had penetrated into his deepest thoughts, confessed the evil feeling which had entered into his heart, and humbly asked pardon and penance. When he had done this, and being absolved of his sin had accepted his penance, St Francis beheld the devil to flee away; and the brother, being freed from such a cruel monster through the charity of his good shepherd, thanked God, and returned to the little flock of the saintly pastor corrected and strengthened, and lived afterwards in great sanctity.

  • The Little Flowers of St. Francis, ch. 23


Probably true, yet Catholicism’s rich layers of truth and spiritual value do make it a “higher target.”

Monica4316, your question is an interesting one. My gut instinct was to say, “No, it depends only on how close you are to God,” but the truth is, coming into the Catholic faith does bring you closer to God. And one can come closer to God in complete truth than in fragmented truth, so Catholicism gives that potential for souls that no other religion can offer.

From my personal experience as a convert, I would have to say yes, at least in my life. I’ve endured fiercer demonic attacks since conversion than before, attacks that aren’t meant to deceive but are only meant to hurt or create fear. While I was Protestant, the enemy attacks were almost invariably much more subtle and much more effective. Since my conversion, and especially lately, they’ve been obvious, dramatic “brute force” kinds of attacks that seem designed to smash me into submission rather than to trick me.

I see the change for me as directly connected with my deepening relationship with God that has developed through my conversion.


Dear Monica. The devil is a liar and a coward. Did you “tick him off” by becoming a Catholic? Mmm. Probably. Is the devil “ticked off” that ALL of us are Catholics? Mmm. Probably. Do we care? Mmm… NOPE :smiley:

There is a great story about St. Teresa of Avila… Saint and Doctor of the Church. St. Teresa often had mystical experiences. I love this one… because it demonstrates so clearly, that we have NOTHING to fear… as long as we place our trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

One night, St. Teresa was in bed… sleeping and something woke her up. She looked up over her shoulder, and saw the devil hovering over her in a hideous form. She looked right at it… and said, in a rather bored tone of voice… “Oh, it’s just yoooou”. :yawn: Then she rolled over, and went back to sleep! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Monica, pay no attention to “it” my dear. Go to Mass… receive the Sacraments… pray the Rosary; and above all… LOVE JESUS in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Because Jesus loves YOU! :hug1:

God bless.

(p.s. another great tip: If ever you do feel under attack… simply ask Our Lady for her protection. The devil hates the Blessed Mother. And if you put yourself under her protection, “it” will leave you alone). :thumbsup:


Not-so-thinnly-veiled attack on Catholicism, Atheist-poster.

Catholics will say that they have the fullness of the Truth, so with that said it obviously and logically gos they would be the ones more apt to be close with God, and thus in greater attack from the devil or any evil.


“From whom more is given, more is expected.”

Sure. Especially if a person consecrates themself to His mother. Anyone who makes the enemy’s “kingdom” smaller by being closer to the Lord is certainly going to get more attention.


I would have to say, personally, they pose no threat at all to him, even lend support. One of the best ways for him to win it to make everyone think he does not exist.

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