Does the Episcopal church follow the same liturgical years?

as the Catholic church does…A B C etc ? ordinary time, lent, Advent and such? Just thought of this. any help would be great :slight_smile:

I’m not an Episcopal but I know they, and many other Protestant churches, follow the Liturgical Year. Yes they have the various seasons such as Advent, Christmas, Lent etc. They, and many other Protestant churches, also have the three year lectionary cycle, A, B, and C.

The Revised Common Lecitonary (RCL) is used by several denominations. Apparently the Episcopals have their own lectionary. The RCL, Episcopal and Catholic lectionaries are often the same and are typically in the same book at about the same place even if they are not using the exact same verses.

As with most things re: Anglicanism, generalizing is not a precise art. But yes, Anglicans do. Last Sunday was the 2nd Sunday in Lent.


thank you for your very informative awnsers :slight_smile:

Actually, the Episcopal Church switched to the Revised Common Lectionary a few years ago, so it is now even more closely in sync to the Catholic Lectionary.

:hmmm: Many of these denominations also follow the general form of the Roman Missal (though of course they leave out the prayers for the Pope, etc.) I wonder if the next editions of those books will use the new translations?

Yes. The Church of England is very similar. We have years A, B, and C. (Year B presently).

Here’s a link to the C of E calendar showing seasons and Saints days:

Almanacs here:

Our Daily Eucharistic Lectionary is based on the Ordo Lectionum Missae of the Roman Catholic Church.

There may be local customs followed. I’m based in Cornwall in the UK and our cathedral also commemorates the Celtic Saints to which a large number of our parish churches are dedicated. Liturgical colours may also vary, some prefering to follow the Sarum or Old English use.

A nuance worth pointing out is that the 3-yr cycle is Roman/Western/Latin Catholic. The Eastern and Oriental Catholic Churches have different liturgical cycles.

It makes sense for the Anglicans to have the same cycle as the Roman Catholics. I don’t know how they handled that when groups of Anglicans joined with the Antiochian Orthodox who have a 1-yr cycle.

I think that the Lutherans and Presbyterians do also.

Yes, Lutherans follow the western Church calendar, and most Lutherans use the revised common lectionary.


The reason that many denominations prayers are identical or nearly identical was the result of an initiative after Vatican II called the Consultation on Common Texts. In a nutshell, the idea was that, where possible, it would be productive that Christians be utilizing the same prayers and reading the same scripture readings on Sunday.

However, in this last go around of the Roman Missal there was no initiative to involve other denoms in the process of revising the prayers. So no, I think that era of cooperation is over and other denoms won’t be revising their books to conform to the new Roman Missal because they weren’t invited to be involved.

Those Anglicans use a form of the traditional liturgy, which like your traditional (pre-Vatican-II) liturgy does not have the three-year cycle.


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