Does the GIRM oblige us to stand during the Eucharistic Prayer?

At the Newman Center where I attend, We have been told that we have to stand during the Eucharistic Prayer, Should we kneel or follow what the Parish Priest said about standing in accordance to what the GIRM is saying?

Dear Jehu,

I doubt that your priest realizes how serious his deviation from liturgical law is. So many clergy (and I was among them at one time) consider rubrics to be guides and not to be “slavishly” adhered to. The fact that they are laws which govern the most sublime and sacred actions that take place on the face of the earth has not really registered with them.

It is for you to heed the authority of the Church in the matter of Divine Worship. Father simply does not have the authority to go against liturgical law. If the majority of the congregation kneels during the Eucharistic Prayer, Father will begin to wonder why. The GIRM (General Instruction of the Roman Missal) requires that the congregation kneel for the consecration. The American Bishops, as a united body, have determined that in the United States the faithful are to remain kneeling until the end of the great Amen. If you need documentation, let me know.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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