Does the Mass inspire you?

If, and how does the mass inspire you?

Bad music and bad homelies are not something to look foreward to. But when I see the priest raise the host, then I know this is where I am supposed to be. (Please note, I am not saying my parish church has bad music and bad homelies)

Two things inspire me about going to church and Mass. First, seeing other people around me praying reminds me I’m not alone being a mere human. Secondly, I still get emotional when I hear the chimes during consecration.


This is a very interesting poll question. I haven’t yet responded to it because I’m not quite sure how to define “inspire”.

Inspiration in this context can be equated with “consolation”, which is a feeling of joy which we sometimes receive from God. Consolations do not always come, however, because God takes them away from us as we advance in the spiritual life, to allow us to grow in virtue.

So by that definition, my answer to the poll is “sometimes”. Often I go to Mass as an act of will to give my love to God, but do not feel any feelings of euphoria or particular consolations. They are not necessary.

Is there another definition of “inspire” to be considered here?


Yikes. Where did that come from? Tread lightly.

Perhaps it would be best if we avoided each other’s posts

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