Does the new GIRM require that all the chalices be on the corporal?

I attended a mass on Sunday in Northbrook IL. The usual story 1.No kneelers 2. Only one reading and the Gospel on Sunday and all kinds of other goofiness, but what really got me was the consecration.

All the wine was pored out into about 6 chalices. (I heard that the new GIRM says no pouring should be done after the consecration - so I did not get nervous about that. (BTW … is that true?)

Then only the main Chalice and the Ciborium were left on the Corporal. The “extra” Chalices were placed at the very edge of the alter not just to the side of the Corporal but even out of the line of sight for the priest.

I understood that 3 things must be present to consecrate the Eucharist - Proper Matter, Proper Form and Intent to consecrate (of course only a validly ordained Catholic Priest may do this).

I further thought that the Corporal was part of the “Proper Form”.

Was the wine off to the side (not on the Corporal) consecrated?

If it was consecrated then do we need a corporal at all any more?

The woman I spoke to after the mass said, " I read the new GIRM and the elements do not have to be placed on the corporal any more". So can we just eliminate the Corporal?

Also, the priest completely ignored the “Extra” Chalices. He did not place his hands over them, he did not look at them and of course, the EEM handled them for the distribution.

What does the new GIRM say?

Dear Jones,

You are correct about the new requirement that the pouring into chalices be done before the wine is consecrated. The new GIRM does not specify that additional chalices be placed on the corporal. If the priest INTENDS to consecrate the wine in all the chalices, then that wine is consecrated—whether in line of sight or not.

The corporal is not essential for the valid consecration of the bread and the wine, but it is useful in that it can catch any crumbs of consecrated hosts that might fall off the paten.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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