Does the pope have to reside in Rome?

Just wondering about this.

Also, during the Avignon Papacy, were two popes residing in Avignon -one as pope and the other as anti-pope?

Are these historical controversies in anyway tied to matters of faith or morals, as certain biblical facts are (Adam and Eve being real for instance?).

This older thread has a great summary of the schism in the papacy and how it was resolved.

Throughout this time, there was not a change in the teachings of faith or morals. As such, the doctrine of Adam and Eve or any other doctrine or dogma remained unchanged. Given that there was quite a lot of confusion and animosity, the Holy Spirit kept the Church together.

I meant is it incumbent on Catholics to know the facts of these controversies as if they were on the same level as facts about Adam and Eve?


Is it somehow morally necessary for the pope to reside in Rome, or will some other city do?

Well, the Pope is the Bishop of Rome. It wouldn’t make any sense for Robert Baker, the Bishop of, say, Birmingham and North Alabama, to live in Scotland, would it?

(The era when there were two “popes,” one living in Rome and one living in Avignon, was an aberration and should not be considered as normative.)

true, but if I remember, there were true popes operating from Avignon in the past.

Are you saying that it is a matter of faith and morals that a pope should always be in rome, and that every bishop of rome should be pope?

No, he isn’t because no, it’s not. But it is a matter of prudence. As he pointed out, a Bishop who remains absent from his territory cannot perform his duties very well.

By definition, the Bishop of Rome is Pope.

Bishop of Rome = Pope

It’s a matter of Tradition that the Bishop of Rome is the Chief Bishop (Pope) of the Roman Catholic Church and of those 20-some-odd communions (like the Maronite Catholic Church) that are in union with him. Now he obviously doesn’t have to stay in Rome 24/7/52; he can travel.


Yes, in fact, IIRC, it was the Avignon popes who were legitimate, not the anti-popes elected by the Roman faction.

Are you saying that it is a matter of faith and morals that a pope should always be in rome,

No; it is a discipline and prudential that the pope live in Rome, however if Rome were ever to become a smoking crater, he clearly could not continue to live there.

and that every bishop of rome should be pope?

Every legitimate bishop of Rome has been and will be pope. Note for clarity that the auxiliary bishops in Rome are actually Ordinary bishops of other locales.

No, you cannot be Pope.

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