Does the Pope's face melt (AKA. another conspiracy thread)

There are videos that allegedly show that the Pope is a reptilian shapeshifter.
Also, somebody spilled the beans on Bohemian Grove. This person ended up being a Catholic, but then somebody who claims to have seen Jesus said it’s because couldn’t go cold turkey, thus choosing a “similarly Luciferian system”.
Then an atheist joins the flame war.
Can you disprove all of these claims that the Pope is an alien/demon?

Hahahaha I’m sorry; I assume this is a joke. “Reptilian shape-shifter” or not, Pope Francis is Pope.

Someone has waaaaay too much time on their hands…:rolleyes:

Really??? Besides, if anyone is reptilian, shape-shifting alien, it’s Hillary Clinton and Cecile Richards from Planned Parenthood. They look like they are from the cast of V. They must be aborting babies for food


So what do you hope to accomplish by this vile assertion?
I’m a committed Catholic. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ.
End of story.
No thinking Christian would say such things or advance them by putting it out there.
Sick stuff.

Not a joking matter…

Someone is off their meds…is there any evidence for the existence of shape shifters? Any laws of nature to support it?

A youtube video is worth a thousand lies.

Why is this in the Spirituality forum? It should be at Back Fence or Popular Media. Tho I don’t know how popular this is. I doubt that anyone takes it any more seriously than zombies or bigfoot - it’s just for fun.

Will you take a priest’s word?

…"The person can have very extreme facial contortions and a change in the voice. Sometimes their whole body language, including their face, can take on the look of a reptile or a snake, and I’ve had that happen a number of times.

So this is a physiognomic change—not just they’re doing some strange thing with their mouth or their tongue but almost a temporary bone structure shift.

Yes. I know that seems off the charts, but I’ve actually seen that in people’s faces, where there is a change in the contour of their face. I wish I could describe it better, but I’ve seen that happen a number of times.

There are pictures that point out the passing facial resemblance between Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars. Should we therefore be compelled to disprove the claim that His Holiness, Emeritus, is a Sith Lord, too?

This is arrant nonsense. Whoever made the video needs to take his or her meds. We should not feel compelled to respond to every bit of lunacy on the web.

Hey! Bigfoot is out there! :rotfl:

Why should we waste time dealing with such ludicrous logical fallacies? No-one can ‘disprove’ such things.

The only bigfoots (bigfeet?) out here - in what is supposed to be bigfoot country - are a pub & an advertising newsletter. :wink:

V? Is that show still on???

But in a world where websites argue for a flat earth, what is surprising any more???


uh, are you serious, Clark??

Oh yes, there are loads of em out there that do so


Unfortunately, he is. Hoo boy. (Please note, I deny any responsibility for any sanity loss by reading the linked site, especially when you get to the “Freemason and Nazi-controlled NASA” line… :rolleyes: And fair play to the author, even HE did admit that it would be hard to swallow that 100% of all space photos are fake…)


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Why do conspiracists always arm themselves with the most over-exposable, low-resolution cameras? :jrbirdman:

What is that? Like 24 DPI? :whackadoo:


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