Does the PPX church still have the true Eucharist?

I was just wondering if the PPX church still has the true presence of Jesus in their Eucharist. It would seem that even if bishops broke away from the Roman Catholic Church they should still have the same ‘powers’ to ordain, absolve, consecrate, etc. Would they still be able to consecrate but by doing so incur a mortal sin or something?

Their Eucharist is valid, but illicit, being done outside of the blessing of the Church. You incur the penalty of disobedience if you knowingly partake of it. The more who attend their illicit masses, the longer it is before they are re-united with the Church. Something to ponder.

Having a valid Eucharist is different from receiving Communion. For example, the Orthodox would have a valid Eucharist. But are we allowed to receive Communion from them? Under most normal circumstances, no. There are certain specific cases, but otherwise not. The reason is that Communion has many effects and we have to take it all into account. The unitive grace of the Sacrament brings us together as One Body, One Church. Now, receiving a valid Eucharist from a group that is not One with the Catholic Church becomes a false profession of faith as we do not really share the faith of that church where we received Communion.

Now, the SSPX claims to profess the Catholic faith, but of course there are questions about it. So its best not receive Communion from them until they are regularized in the Church. As po18guy said, the more you support them, the longer it will take for them to unite with the Church.

Absolution is not only a sacrament but also a juridic act of the Church, which as a result requires a minister holding valid faculties in order to be valid (except in extraordinary cases). SSPX clergy, as a rule, do not hold valid faculties, so they cannot grant absolution.

Actually emergency cases is not an exemption to the juridic act but the faculties are implied when there is necessity.

What is the :PPX church? I am not familiar with that term Thanks.

sorry, im an idiot. SSPX church. the dudes that broke away after vatican ii

To be fair, they haven’t really broken away. Although they have questioned much of the post-Vatican II Church, they haven’t formally broken communion with the Pope.


Yes, because like the Orthodox Catholics, Old Catholics et al, they still hold the “power” of Apostolic Succession.

Furthermore, in some cases, such as in Rome, the “PPX” (Pope Pius X) priests have been given legitimate approval to say Mass there, although generally this is not the case outside Rome.

Yes. They still hold on to communion with the Pope although they do not have any valid and active ministry in the Church as of this moment. That is being discussed. So they’re like suspended priests for now.

Not sure I understand the reasoning here, “As po18guy said, the more you support them, the longer it will take for them to unite with the Church.”

Perhaps you could explain this for me.

I was wondering the same thing. If no one were to be supporting them, they would have no reason to exist, much less to unite with the Church. And the “support” doesn’t necessarily need to be in attending their chapels.

The SSPX is NOT a Church. It is a schismatic movement not in full union with the Church.

I wouldn’t call it that. The Pope has lifted their excommunications but their suspensions remain until some canonical status is agreed upon.

The excommunications of specific individuals were lifted. SSPX remains a schismatic movement.

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