Does the RC or EO recognize my marriage?

My wife and I were married in a Baptist church almost 13 years ago. Does the RC and EO church recognize our marriage? If I became Catholic, would we have to get remarried?

Are either of you Catholic, or were you Catholic when you married? Were there any previous marriages and/or divorces before you married? Which of you are now wanting to convert?

If there were no prior impediments to your marriage, and you were both Baptist, then your marriage is valid for a Baptist, but if you convert, I believe you will need to get your marriage blessed by the Church. I do not think it is difficult to do this, unless there are annulments of prior marriages to consider.

OK, thanks for clearing that up for me. So even if one converted to the Church, their marriage is valid? That’s good to know.

There were no prior marriages. I am the one who is becoming convinced that the Catholic Church is the true Church created by Jesus. A lot of Scripture doesn’t seem to make since unless an authoritative, visible church was created. I agree with protestants and Catholics alike that church leaders have not always shown the best example or made the best decisions. The wrongs recent Popes have had to correct are proof of this fact. Unlike the protestants who would use these failures as proof the Catholic church is not the true church, I find it hard to think that Jesus would reject His Church for their shortcomings and yet forgive my own.

Where I am having a difficult time is in the many prayers that God has answered miraculously that occured while I was in protestant churches. If God was not OK with me going to other churches, why did He answer my prayers? What is God’s purpose for other “churches” that He seems to be using to bring people into a real relationship with Himself?

Yes, even if only one converts to the Catholic Church their marriage is considered valid. The only ones who have to follow canon law regarding marriage are Catholics.

The Catholic Church does not teach that only the prayers of Catholics are answered. God is sovereign–He answers prayers according to His Will, not ours. We do not put limits on God’s love and mercy, and we cannot judge others and their relationship with God. We believe we have the fullness of the Truth, but that does not mean that others do not have the Truth, just not in it’s fullness. We accept Protestants as Christians, but we are not in communion with them, unfortunately we are separated. But God can save whomever He wills, He is not bound by anything. We can, however reject Him, and He will not violate our free will. God alone knows the hearts of men.

I once heard a fundamentalist believer state that he believed that God did not even hear the prayer of someone who was not “born again” (according to his definition). My response is "Who are we to tell Almighty God whose prayers He can hear and answer? God can do anything He wants to, and if He wants to hear the prayers of someone not “born again”, that is His perogative.

So there should be no surprise that your prayers as a Protestant were miraculously answered. God loves all His children equally and His love and compassion extend to everyone.

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