Does the Saint Benedict Medal need to be blessed with the full exorcism prayer?


Can a priest give a general blessing over it, or does it have to be with the full exorcism prayer?


It’s only as blessed as the prayer said over it, so if you want the full benefits then yes, it does need the full exorcism prayer. Heck, search around and see if you can find the old long version that used to be reserved to Benedictines.


Yep, it’s easy to find over the internet. Unfortunately I doubt most priests know it offhand. I print it out and show it to the priest when they bless mine. But I was just curious if that formula is really necessary. Thanks for answering the question. :smiley:


While beneficial for the person, the St B medal does NOT need to be blessed to be effective . See: Gueranger osb, “Medal or Cross of St Benedict.”

Also one might have to contact a couple of different clerics to find one who will use the old blessing. It’s a beautiful blessing, but not all clerics will indulge in its use.

Please, please remember that the Medal is not a magic charm or pagan trinket.

kicks back and waits for the flames


When I asked our Associate pastor to bless the one for my son, he had a link to the prayer already on his smartphone :wink:



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