Does the son respect the ultimate wish of the father, while still retaining his own divine powers?

While on earth, the son would numerously ask for the father to forgive earthly humans, who had committed terrible deeds. (Including killing the son of man on the cross). Did jesus forgive the people who killed them, but allowed the father to make the ultimate decision when it came to their judgement?

Jesus said, the Father and I are ONE.

And just a thought. If Jesus lived by the greatest commandments here on earth, not only would he forgive them, but he would love them as he loves himself.

The judgment of the Father and the judgment of the Son are always one and the same. As @EricPH wrote, “The Father and I are one.” (Jn 10:30). It was important for the Incarnate Son, Jesus Christ, true God and true man, to both teach and to practice forgiveness - mercy - for our sakes.


The key here is “While on earth”…what you are talking about is the human nature of the incarnate Son, and seems that it might be confused with his divine nature. Jesus, has both natures.

Remember the constitution of the Holy Trinity:

The Father IS God, but IS NOT the Holy Spirit or the Son.
The Son IS God, but IS NOT the Father or the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit IS God, but IS NOT the Father or the Holy Spirit.

While the Son is GOD, through the incarnation, he is also Man (with the exception of sin).

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