Does the thought of applying for a job make you nervous or cry?


There’s no need to speak about the jobless rates in this country. Now that the president has boycotted health care reform, it’s all the evening news can talk about. But let’s talk about this on a personal level: does anyone here get the jitters when applying for a job, much less the interview? Do you get butterflies in the stomach? Do you cry because of nerves?


What on earth does political posturing about socialized health care have to do with applying for a job?

If you get nervous before going for an interview, find a job interview skills program and take a workshop.


I’m actually very calm and collected when interviewing etc. My hang up is always the first few days- I have a bad tendency self destruct and tell myself I can’t do it, I’m incapable, stupid etc.


*If I were looking now, maybe...due to the competition with so many who are out there looking. Something I learned a long time ago when it comes to intereviewing, is to be prepared, be calm, confident in your skills, and make sure you also flip the tables a little, and ask the recruiter or person interviewing you...why YOU should work for THEM. That really sets you apart from the pack...many people come across as desperate on interviews, and like dating, employers don't like desperation. It doesn't make you look ambitious or eager, it makes you come off as, it's important to be selling yourself, but I firmly believe that it's important to get the company to sell themselves to you, also during the interview. It's not a one way street--accepting a job--the person applying needs to make sure he/she knows what he/she is getting into.

Above all--pray before an interview, that God will enlighten you to say the right things, and to be humble in spirit. It's been a while since I've interviewed, I imagine I am a little rusty. :o

Just my two cents. *


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I'm actually very calm and collected when interviewing etc. My hang up is always the first few days- I have a bad tendency self destruct and tell myself I can't do it, I'm incapable, stupid etc.


Aw, why? :o (that's the devil wanting you to think negatively, I bet, I sometimes second guess myself too) It's important to be humble in all things, but always try to think positive thoughts of yourself. :) God made you, you are a child of Him. That always helps me when I am second guessing.


I’ll add too…that what is nice when you have been in one industry for a while…it’s interesting how one’s name gets around to other competitors of your company. I had this happen when I moved here a few years ago, and last year–recruiters from other competitors calling on me out of the blue. I think what happens is maybe someone leaves your company, and then moves to another…and drops your name…when that happens, you feel a ‘‘little’’ more confident because someone is seeking YOU. That’s always a switch. lol I had never had that happen until moving to Florida, so I wasn’t sure how to react. :blush: I remained with my current company, however.


I’m horrible at interviews! I’m shy to begin with and interviews make me terrified. I get nervous, I get flustered I forget what I meant to say. The annoying thing is that I’m a good employee. I get stuff done quickly, I catch on fast, I work hard. But I am so bad at the interviews. I don’t think it’s a fair method of assessment if one is just doing behind the scenes clerical type stuff.
Anyways I don’t have to worry about interviews for a while now and I’m glad of that!
My fear of interviews has nothing to do with the economy, just part of being shy.


*I hear you, tapioca! I am not shy per se, but I do get nervous when having to talk about myself…even in meetings. ‘‘Stand up and let’s go around the room and introduce ourselves.’’ Eek! :o I’m in sales, and I love interacting with people and selling services…but I don’t think it’s uncommon for people to feel a little awkward selling themselves. I don’t want to sit and talk about ‘‘my most noteworthy accomplishment,’’ :rolleyes: it does make me feel uneasy…so you’re not alone.

I will say that my above advice is for if you have a job already, and haven’t been out of work for a while. I still advise to be prepared and confident and not come off as desperate…but, if you have to put food on the table, and you’ve been out of work for a while in this economy…you might not have the chance to be as picky at that time, as maybe another time if you were still employed. It’s tough out there…

I have a friend back in PA who lost her job last year; she said she went on an interview, and there were 60 people being interviewed that week. Employers should not do that…60? How can you remember anyone at all? ‘‘They’’ say that employers should narrow down applicants to about 5 or 10 total…so they don’t forget unique characterstics.

60??? I felt bad for her. :frowning: I try to not worry about losing my job…if it happens, it happens. I’m in sales, so it shouldn’t happen if you’re producing…but this ecnomy does make even those who have jobs right now, a little uneasy. *


Applying for a job in itself doesn't make me nervous or cry, but the interview makes me nervous (not cry).

The best advice I ever received about job hunting was from my dad who has never had a job interview in his life ( he is a university professor ). He said "they either like you or they don't. If they don't, why would you want to work there anyways?"


Well, you see, I look very good on paper (in my opinion), but in practice… not so much. I feel like if I can just finally get a job and get some experience under my belt, I will be ok.


Application process: nervous.
Paperwork, browsing one million ads for the wrong positions: cry.


I have a job but I'm looking for one. Its a location, not money, issue. I don't cry because of nervousness but I do when I have to fill out yet another 40 kijjilion page application that the computer tends to eat and not save.


I'm looking for a job (thanks to the advice of people who told me to talk to my employer about having Sundays mornings off for Mass, I was let go, and now I'm unemployed). :mad: I have several interviews set up, and I usually send off around 50 applications a day. It's hard, I have a bachelor's degree, but with so much competition, it makes me want to cry. Note to self, work whatever hours you get, and don't worry about religious observances.


Unless you work in a health care field that’s illegal. Contact the ACLU…and the news that will lite a fire under people’s hind ends.


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Unless you work in a health care field that's illegal. Contact the ACLU...and the news that will lite a fire under people's hind ends.


I already contacted a lawyer, and my ex-company said "she was let go due to lack of willingness to compromise scheduling due to business needs". All for asking Sundays mornings off. And it's their word against mine, and they have a team of laywers. And they are the corporation, and I'm a ticked off former employee.


CS---get things in writing. ESPECALLY if you have anything in writing asking for only Sunday mornings off. Even if you worked for a corporation with a team of lawyers it can be more than worth it to you to persue this. If you were moslem there's no way they'd be pulling this ****.


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CS---get things in writing. ESPECALLY if you have anything in writing asking for only Sunday mornings off. Even if you worked for a corporation with a team of lawyers it can be more than worth it to you to persue this. If you were moslem there's no way they'd be pulling this ****.


Unfortunately, I don't have the time to deal with this. Since I am single, it is me that keeps me from being homeless, I have no family or friends up in this area (I do have one boyfriend that might be moving in to help with costs, his lease is up next month). :) If I had a second income coming in, then I would pursue this, but the my lawyer said it would cost time and money (which I need to pay the rent).


If you call the Thomas More Law Center, they will look into the case for you.

Do not move in with your boyfriend, why heap up sins? God will bless you for being faithful!


You can always go the cheap route…TV news. You’ll have a lawyer begging for the case.:wink:

#20 asked for saturday evenings OR Sunday mornings...anyone with a pulse knows that the Christian sabbath is Sunday, and you are asking for that time, one or the other, to worship. That is illegal to deny you that request. It's illegal to make someone* have *to be available 7 days per week to maintain employment. Your situation makes me so mad! :mad:

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