Does the TV coverage on the trump administration wear on you?


And remain ignorant of what his enemies are saying?


I promise I will unless something happens that makes me believe otherwise! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Trump needs to think twice before getting on Twitter. I get a big kick out of the news, laugh at all the time, and for weather. Half the time they just report what he Tweets. He’s his on worst enemy by making himself an easy target.

We all have our biases. I hate Democrats and Republicans. Vote for Independents. To be at peace with the world, first accept yourself and be at peace with yourself then you’ll be at peace with your country.


The problem with voting 3rd Party in the USA (I assume you mean this since you mention D and R) is that the people you REALLY don’t want to win laugh in their sleeve at you and use your vote to advance their goals. And if you hurt the D’s, you can bet they will pull all kinds of shenangians from conspiring against Bernie to keeping Stephen Colbert off the ballot to silencing the Green Party.

I’m leaving the R’s out on purpose because frankly, I don’t think they have the wit to know what is going on.


Hadn’t checked my account lately. Sorry. I want to vote for a party that has a little bit of both from the D’s and R’s. Basically, I firmly believe the U.S. would be better with a third party. If you call me a fool, so be it, but I never vote for someone I don’t respect. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Does the media coverage of President Trump bother me? Not at all. What does bother is seeing direct reports of the President of the United States acting like a child on Twitter. Why doesn’t it bother any of you?


Yeah, I had to just start ignoring the news because of how ridiculous it would be. Been like that for a long time.


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