Does the world know you are Catholic?


As long as I know, I’m okay with that. My father is Roman Catholic (Italian) and my mother is Anglican (English). I was baptized RC, attended Catholic schools, baptized my daughter, etc…

I believe that being a good person, the type of person that Jesus taught us to be is evidence enough that you’re following in your beliefs. We are not to judge, but to let God judge, so I practice kindness to everyone I meet.


I would say yes. I’m pretty open about going to Mass, and I told some of my students that I’m Catholic during a lesson that touched upon world religions. I wear a Trinity knot necklace, and when anyone asks what is is, I tell them it represents the Christian God.


It’s like we’re undercover operatives.


Yes and no. It is a little confusing. They know I am something pretty Christian and anti-social in their book anyway. (I refer to non-religious acquaintances.)


Most people here are Catholic anyway, so it is often taken for granted. :grinning:
It is either Atheist or Catholic, Protestants are very rare.
Apart from that, I think outside of my family nobody knows and cares about this at all.


Thank you all for your replies,all apreciated :slight_smile:


This is true for me as well. While a fair amount of people know what the rosary beads are, many would not know the significance of the sacred heart pin. I often get comments from elderly mass-goers that “it’s great to see two young people wearing the pioneer pin!” (DW is also a member.)

I have had class-mates ask me what it means. I guess it’s a small opportunity to witness.

For those who don’t know what the Pioneer Assocation is, it’s a devotion to the sacred heart and a promise to abstain from alcohol as a sacrifice for those who are addicted.


Most people who know me, know I’m a Catholic. Anyone who doesn’t know I’m Catholic probably doesn’t speak to me often. My friends know I’m Catholic. Many times I had to defend the faith, as well as the reason why I stay chaste. My family knows I’m super religious. I go to Mass almost every weekend (as well as confession; I sin a lot sadly :cry:) I help out at Church when I can. I love Jesus!


A lot of the people I know are Catholics also, so yes for them. But I don’t bring it up with people who don’t already know. I have seen that turn out badly too many times.


I love it when you said you sin a lot. By not being ashamed to admit that shows you are a good Catholic, but what so good about this is, sins do not anymore can defeat us because we have Jesus.

Your post reminds me of myself these few days. I have meant to go for Confession since last week but my iterinary did not allow me to have the time for that and I thought probably I did not try hard enough. I feel bad about it because I long for Confession and know the redemptive joy it brings. Missing it makes me sad.


I love Confession! It helps me after a long week. Also I love that im forgiven for the sins I commit. I just need to break free from destructive habits because I don’t want to offend God. I don’t like missing Confession either, it’s something I look forward too


I have my “Mary Garden” only it is in the back lawn. :sunglasses: There is to much shade out front to raise flowers, and the fact I have had smaller statues of various saints out front that were defaced as well as those disgusting Jack Chick comics suddenly appearing.


Okay, I know this is going to sound obnoxious.
Why do people hang a rosary around their mirror in the car? Do you need to use your rosary beads in the car? Do you ever use them, or are they there for a display? If you are going to use them, wouldn’t it be easier to just have them handy and not around the mirror? I don’t get it.


Ok,:slight_smile: I have mine there to remind me who I am,and to let others know.I love getting waves from travellers with caravans ,other people with rosaries whom I don’t know…it’s a beautiful connection.I always carry a pair in my pocket or in the car as well.I say a prayer each time I glance at the crusefix on the beads on my mirror


Because I believe it’s a small way to witness to the Gospel. it reminds people in an increasingly secular society of prayer and faith. Who knows, maybe it has a bigger impact than I know?

I am always encouraged when I see other drivers who have a rosary on their mirror, or a pro-life sticker on the bumper. It’s nice to know there are some other catholics out there.

It also reminds me to pray.

On a different level, I like to think Our Lady watches over me while I’m driving.

And as well, if I ever got in a serious accident, perhaps a first responder would see them and call for a priest to administer the last rites. :wink:


I remember years ago seeing a small business like card that was carried in a wallet that went something like this: “I am a Catholic please call a priest” There was more that I can not remember.


That’s pretty important,I guess there’s a medal form of that .I would like to find a card (or make one) for my purse and a medal on a chain .Have heard of it before and keep forgetting ,thanks for reminding me


I think in many Catholic catalogues or Catholic gift websites you can order one of the cards to carry in your wallet or billfold or put on a keychain.


Great ! I’ll look into it :slight_smile:


I just tell people I am Catholic and then they know. Words are usually a pretty good way of communicating your faith.

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