Does the world know you are Catholic?


Yes, it says that on the back of my 4-way medal. However, the type is absolutely tiny.

Thanks for your responses about the rosaries! : )


You’re welcome.It is something to think about,having something on your person to ask for a priest,show you are Catholic ,in case of a car crash or other accident,


My manager at work has an idea, I’m sure, considering he knows I can’t work Saturday evenings or Sunday mornings. Besides that, I wear a St. Michael pendant every day, but since it’s usually under my shirt, no one will notice anything but the paracord around my neck.

If someone came into my room, they would have no excuse not to know. I have about five or so rosaries on my dresser (I only use one- the others are those I found in my house and want to protect from damage), two pictures of Jesus- one in the garden of Gethsemane, one of the Last Supper, a crucifix above my bed, and a bookshelf full of Catholic reading. I also kept the stuffed lion I got at my first communion, but I highly doubt anyone would connect it to Catholicism.


It kind of bugs me, but I think mostly because I’m afraid that they’ll get damaged somehow, or that it’s just being used as a “fashion statement”. If someone actually uses them and treats them well, I have no issue.

Personally, I just have a small rosary “ring” that I keep in my coat pocket. I’ll pray with it on my way to or from school. It seems easier to pray with in the car than an “auto rosary” anyways.


Same here on a Sunday morning …the pressure was on for my son as a young teenager to play cricket on a Sunday.Some days we were able to go to mass the night before but I had to stand my ground when that wasn’t possible and needed to go on Sunday.Sport can be many peoples 'religion’
here .I think quite a few families realised we were cathoic that way.


I just did a quick search on and found some nice medals and a prayer card there. I am just informing and not advertising the site.


Around here having a rosary hanging from your car mirror is illegal. I usually have one in my purse, but most people won’t see that.


No, it is a good question really. I asked the same questions myself. I have a rosary each hanging in all my cars by the way.

I do not use them.
Yes, definitely it is for display, otherwise why hang it there.
I even asked whether it is a spiritual protection for accident.

Then I got it. For me, it is always wanting to be reminded of Jesus on the cross, who died for our sin. Then everything made sense.

The crucifx in front of me is like Jesus watching me from the cross and Mary praying for me, every time while at the wheel when I am tempted to go against God and sinning.

In a more subtle way, obviously it is a sign of Catholicism. That helps too because it is always a responsibility to bear that sign that I have to live by it especially if I should want to behave unchristian-like while driving.


Unasked? No.

At funerals, weddings, baptisms, and other life events I wear a crucifix pinned to my shirt or blouse to signify that I am at the very least Christian. I don’t go around announcing it, or making a display of my faith.

If someone asked me how my actions were motivated I would answer with a Catholic viewpoint or understanding.


I would love to go to a Bible Study.


Not really. Because I don’t know the whole world and the whole world doesn’t know me. But, my mouth lets people know. I love, love being Catholic. Oh, wait. My house shows that I am with crosses and Catholic Ministers coming every Thursday. And I have two vials of Holy Water on my desk, plus, my Bible where I can grab it.


Why is it illegal?


There’s a general law against having items hanging from your rear-view mirror, as they could be a distraction or obstruct your view. I’ve had a coworker pulled for fuzzy dice.


Probably vision distracting anything hanging from the mirror?


That’s a bit much. A rosary beads isn’t really going to obscure your view much.


It is, but I suspect the lawmakers found it easier to ban hanging items completely than to decide what was too much. No rosaries, air fresheners, parking passes, anything.

On another note:


Now that is funny. Good thing I wasn’t drinking anything at the time.


I was interviewed on national TV when my bishop was made a cardinal. I had about 3 seconds to think about if I wanted to be interviewed or not and my thought was “The whole country will know I am a Catholic - am I prepared for that?”. My best friend backed off and was angry that she could be seen in the back ground and that the parents of her students would see her as Catholic even though she is not.


The other version I heard is “don’t drive faster than your guardian angel can fly.”


Yeah, I’ve used that phrase before. There is actually a bumper sticker that says that.

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