Does this change the kind of sin?


If one commits a mortal sin on a Sunday or a Holy Day of Obligation, such as Christmas, would that change the kind of sin? When I say kind I mean it as in “number and kind”.

Let’s say you murdered your wife. Would you confess, “I murdered my wife 1x” or “I murdered my wife 1x on Sunday?”

Obviously you could say the last one anyway but I’m wondering if you need to because it would change the kind of sin.


You can only murder your wife once, and it doesn’t make any difference whether you murdered her on a weekday, a weekend, a holiday or a holy day of obligation, it’s still murder.

Maybe I don’t understand what you are asking?


The day of the week has nothing to do with it.



Unless the sin in question is skipping Mass. “I skipped Mass on Sunday” is a sin, while “I skipped Mass on Tuesday” is not a sin at all, assuming that Tuesday wasn’t a HDO.


My concern was committing a sin on a Holy Day would make it worse than on lets say your average Thursday. So then you would confess “I murdered my dad on Easter 1x” instead of “I murdered my dad 1x” --of course assuming that you don’t murder your dad precisely because it was Easter, to insult Our Lord or some other terrible reason.

But from the responses it seems as though doing something like that on Easter would not require you to say “I murdered my dad 1x on Easter”, it seems “I murdered my dad 1x” would suffice.


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