Does this Count as Omission of Sin?


I was explaining this situation to the confessor because i wanted to know if it was a mortal sin, and after explaining, i found out he hadnt heard me. So he asked me a question that related to the beginning of the scenario I was explaining. (That’s how I knew he hadn’t heard ) and I tried to re explain, but then he stopped me again to ask another question, after that, he went on to ask me questions relating to half of what had happened (because I didn’t get to explain fully) I answered his questions and after that, Instead of adding on to the scenario, I thought “no he wont understand” meaning he wouldnt understand what i was referring to, so I basically gave up trying to explain further.

Now I understand that I don’t have to confess doubtful sins, and that I was explaining the situation not exactly simply confessing it as a sin, But The problem is that instead of explaining further, to be able to confess properly, i didnt. the other part of the situation was left out which would change the type of sin it was and it’s gravity.

Also, Im pretty sure it was a mortal sin.But I wanted to know for sure. I would like to know whether that was deliberately omitting a sin, although I wasnt exaclty confessing it.
If it was invalid, then I won’t be able to receive communion. That is why I ask. Thanks



Trust God’s mercy. Did you intend to withhold a sin? If not then you did not withhold a sin. Trust God’s mercy.

Confession is best when you give the kind and number, if Father asks for details, be very brief and to the point. They do not need a big long backstory. As one priest told me, when folks get into backstories and detailed explanations they often end up simply tattling on other people.

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I did not intend to, but I did withhold more information about what could have been a serious sin. I did not do so to hide anything but because of assumption that it was pointless to contine trying to explain.



Remember, all sins boil down to the 10 commandments.

Maybe try using them as your examine next time:

This allows you to say

I have sinned against the X commandment X times.

And then let Father ask if he wants more details.

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