Does this dress make me look fat?

Husbands fear this question from their wife more than any other.

“Honey, does this dress make me look fat?”

This is truly a moral dilemma. Especially if the wife has a few extra pounds.

So what is the right course of action. Tell the truth and become comfortable with celibacy and the guilt in destroying your wife’s self-esteem or lie, thereby remaining open to life and supporting your wife’s positive self-image?

(This question is asked a bit tongue-in-cheek. If possible, it would be a nice change to keep this thread in the same vein.)

Reply - Honey, the dress does not flatter you as much as (one that does)

“No, not at all honey; it’s not the dress that makes you look fat”

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :eek:

Why do women require this sort of reassurance? Is it society or something else?

Why can’t they just be happy with how they look. You’ll never hear a guy ask if the jeans he’s wearing make him look fat.

No.Something’s wrong with the mirror.

This is the closest to the truth. While some fashions may make a woman look heavier than others, generally the truth is that it is not the dress that makes me look fat – I am fat. Therefore, one can always answer with absolute truthfulness, “no, it doesn’t . . . or at least not any more fat than any other dress you own.”

I am a woman who has asked that to my poor hubby:(

His response " I plead the fifth!" or “That’s a loaded question–I can’t answer that!!!” LOL I accepted the answers and have never asked again;)

My hubby figures he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t so he just stays silent.:thumbsup:

Honesty is the best policy but she wont like it:p

A woman wants to know if something looks good on her. Personally, I hate it when my husband doesn’t say something if I pick out an outfit and then go out in public only to find out later that I made a poor choice in an outfit, for whatever reason. Wives, in my opinion, ask this question for two reasons:

To boost their self-esteem by gaining approval of the one man who really matters;

and because they really care about how they look.

With these issues in mind, the correct answer is neither yes or no if the outfit is unbecoming. To say “yes” would be cruel and certainly doesn’t help a woman’s self esteem and to say “No” according to the second issue, would allow a woman to go out looking less attractive.

So, if the outfit really is not becoming, then tell her, “My favorite outfit is …whatever, red dress, white shirt…etc.” Make sure it really is a nice outfit on her.

It will inevitably lead to a discussion about why you would rather she wear your favorite outfit than the one she has on. Then you have an opportunity to compliment her. Tell her what you really like about her in that outfit: the way it shows off her softness, her curves, makes her look feminine and turns you on, etc. It is especially effective if you can hold her and cuddle with her at the same time, sweetly touching her face, placing your hand lovingly on the small of her back.

You will be honest in that you are making sure she doesn’t wear something unbecoming and at the same time helping her find an outfit that does look nice while boosting her self esteem.

Trust me, it works. I use this technique on my husband, too. :wink:

It is society. Beauty has been emphasized sooooo much in our society–it is hard if not impossible to shake completely.

There could be many other deeper issues as well… My whole life growing up my father ALWAYS critized my weight.:frowning: The funny thing was–I was never overweight:eek: He was so critical of me that I was relieved when he died:( :o

I guess on the flip side–I will never become obese:shrug: To give him some credit-I do eat healthy and exercise:thumbsup:

Suggested reading: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus!:thumbsup:

I disagree… there are fashions and styles that can be much more flattering on particular figures. A dress that would look FABULOUS on a larger woman would not necessarily look good on a skinny women (regardless of dress size)…
Styles DO make a difference.

This is a much more appropriate answer. :thumbsup:

By the way… a fantastic show to watch on this subject is “What NOT to Wear” on TLC. The show focuses on finding styles for each unique body type… regardless of weight.

"I’m a guy. Your my wife. What do I care. You shouldn’t trust me anyway, I wouldn’t want the other guys finding you too attractive. :stuck_out_tongue: "

For us guys, as long as we can button our pants, no questions asked. If we can’t button it, then we simply buy a new pair in a bigger size.

If a wife asks you that question, say, “Honey, I don’t see you as fat. I see you as more to love.”

The most important day in a woman’s life is the day she looks in the mirror, says, “I’m ugly” and believes it. No matter what anyone else says to her from that day on, she will never be the same as she was before.

Out of all the answers I read and laugh through all of them yours although simply said warrants a frying pan thrown at you. It’s the mirror you are a man destined to not be here long. :slight_smile:

Buy His Needs, Her Needs and give it to her. :stuck_out_tongue:

Reminds me of a scene from Sleepness in Seattle (yeah, I know…it’s a chick flick…what can I say? I like Meg Ryan. :shrug: ):

Women are looking
for pecs and a cute butt.

"He has the cutest butt."
Where did I hear that recently?

Everywhere. Even on the news
women talk about cute butts.

It’s really caught on.

So how’s my butt?

  • Not bad.
  • Is it cute though?

Are we grading on a curve?

I think the real answer is that women are wired that way. They want to look good because that is what can attract a man’s attention. It is not society that made women that way, it is God.

That’s the best, but I have also had a laugh about it. It is such a cliche question, that I would say something like “you are kidding right?”

On the other hand, I have done the passive aggressive thing a couple of times on a couple of my wife’s “favorite” items that were absolutely atrocious. They amazingly disappear.

“Honey, have you seen my white top?”

“Not recently.” :smiley:

Your being truthful without ever being found out:thumbsup:

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