Does this forum permit controversial discussion?

I’ve been trying to follow the Cardinal Dolan/St. Patrick’s Day Parade/Homosexual pride group participation issue. All the discussions on the Catholic Answers forums close quickly. Is there a rule on these forums prohibiting controversial issues or issues that may criticize those in the hierarchy?

I’ve noticed the trend over the few years I’ve been on here but it may just be paranoia on my part.

For my part I think His Eminence should recuse himself from any participation, including offering a “kick off” Mass for the parade. There have been, no doubt, homosexual participants in the parade for the last 270 years but no group parading to advance an active sinful life style. I fail to understand why His Eminence chooses to participate. When Cardinal Dolan and I were kids, under the tutelage of Sisters, we were taught such things were the sin of scandal. I listened.

controversial discussions are permitted. but the major threat is the fireworks from other users who might not agree with you and with one another and turn the original question into a debate.

The forum rules are posted at the top of each forum. Abide by the rules and controversy is fine. Many of the threads in the In the News sub-forums are controversial.

The primary rule that if violated would cause a thread to be shut down is lack of charity. It seems that some members enjoy attacking people, including Catholic clergy even though they are not here to defend themselves. That is not charitable and if you read the forum rules you will see that is a violation of the rules.

In the case of Catholic clergy, it is OK to state that you disagree with what you perceive are their political views, it is not OK to personally attack them, to say they are not a good Catholic or that they are a poor cleric.

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