Does this happen every generation? Or is something actually different?

I agree with what you said, but I’ll add 3 things:

  1. in addition to bad news spreading faster, bad ideas spread at the speed of Internet.

  2. Wars, famines, epidemics, etc generally had a side effect of people turning to God.

  3. Today’s young generations are being taught / indoctrinated / brainwashed to turn away from God. And behind that activity is the MSM, K-12 educational institutions, Colleges, and even some churches. And this has been going on behind the scenes for decades, so it’s not likely to disappear quickly (if it disappears at all).


I think the Columbine shooting was a turning point and symptom of our social sickness which the media further hypes.

The main issue with that and explosions in London was although people would tut-tut about the goings on in the six counties generally speaking the IRA had been operating there. Yes it had made forays to the British Island in the past and forerunner groups had done so as far back as the Victorian era but those were sporadic acts. When it became clear as time wore on that the IRA was prepared to move the war to London and especially after large scale destruction in the centre of London that took years to repair the conflict assumed a different mode.

ricmac It *is an objective fact that evil is increasing rapidly, and holiness is decreasing rapidly.
Darkness has come over the media (news, Hollywood), academia (from K through PhD), and even the church. These are the major drivers for morality in this world.

True. Sadly true.

The only thing that matters is whether or not you go to heaven. So today, far, far, far more than any other generation in the west, huge numbers of people are at risk because of our evil culture. How many souls will fall into hell as a result of the constant hatred of religion spewed out on TV and everywhere? How many poor souls will be drawn into porn and lose eternity as a result? This is the only real standard by how to judge our culture today.

Any other calamity is simply another terrible calamity, from wars and droughts to plague or anything else you can imagine. A nothing, a bagatelle, compared to the reality of our culture today.

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Every generation has been saying that as well and going on about the ‘young ones today’. You can find the ancient Greek philosophers doing it. I wouldn’t be surprised if way back in pre-history someone was going, ‘You see that young un, back in my days we just ate meat raw, didn’t do us a bit of harm, a bit of harm.’


Imagine living before there was public education. Of course in those days most people worked on farms but still it’s nice to be able to read and write your name. We are incredibly spoiled today.

Yep, my grandad on the paternal side signed his marriage certificate with an x. His second wife, my paternal grandmother had to read him newspapers and help him with any documents. She was considerably more educated than him. He was no fool and when he died there was apparently a fair stack of cash in the house tucked away he’d been quietly mounting up which served to pay for his funeral and allow his widow to have a good supplement to her income and to leave a legacy for his kids. However, he could have achieved so much more, the same is true for my father. He has a ferocious intellect and loves to argue about politics and history but going to further education wasn’t possible for him. My wife still thinks we are shouting at each other when we start to discuss history or politics, we end up just saying ‘this is just a friendly discussion’ He likes to operate on the ‘metal sharpens metal’ and will often take an opposite point of view in an argument just to see if he can do it. You have to know him a long time to know what he really believes. My mother was lucky in that she came from a slightly more financially well off class and could thus get a better education. In fact given that and the fact my mother had an incredibly forceful personality and my father is in public life generally affable Irish bloke I often wonder how they hit if off. It seemed to work though for them. My father’s bizarrely odd library of books is one of the first things I remember. Books by Blake next to Church Missals next to books on philosophy or paperback westerns.

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JharekCarnelianEvery generation has been saying that as well and going on about the ‘young ones today’.

Sure, but again, occasionally there can be a seismic shift. Something truly monumental that marks a break with what has gone before. Not just another war. Not just a change in culture, which happens maybe every twenty years.

Yes, we are living in time of enormous, significant change. The west is losing Christianity, the very basis for its growth for close to two thousand years, and that does mark a seismic shift. The faith is vanishing almost overnight, in places like Germany and the UK, while atheism and hostility to Christianity are growing.

What will happen to the west without God? Consider what is currently going on. We live in a society saturated by porn, in a level never seen before in the world, while marriage, the very basis for society, crumbles. What is the illegitimacy rate in France? 60%?

So yes, yes, we are experiencing a cultural earthquake.

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Can’t imagine this at all

Losing Christianity does not automatically mean ‘losing God’. The basis for growth in the ‘west’ has not been Christianity in every area for the last two thousand years. Many areas were Christianised quite late even in Europe. There is no such thing as an illegitimate child. Children are here because they are here and I for one have no wish to return to stigmatize children due to notions of ‘legitimacy’.

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We are living in a time of unprecedented change, change that was almost beyond imagination 100 years ago.

In 1911, it was discovered that most of the mass of an atom is in the nucleus. In 1966, Star Trek debuted, and the writers imagined what it would be like to live in the 2260s or so; they set Kirk’s birthdate as 2233. In 2020, we look at that series and find it quaint that the crew of a spaceship use flip phones and don’t have any hand-held computers.

We have lived in a century of unimaginable change: change in the way war is waged, change in how people across the globe communicate, changes in societal expectations, what is taboo, what is not taboo, where people live, what they expect in terms of their daily experience. We know things about the brutality of our kind that we didn’t used to know. We know all sorts of things we could only have dreamed about.

We’ve never been through this before. Our Lord will not leave His Church orphaned, but I don’t know where this is going to go.

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Even the original series has hand held computers such as the medical tricorder. Sure it is somewhat dated in other regards and they didn’t imagine how fast real world technology would advance in some areas but their are other areas where will never catch up to them or it is at least most unlikely we will. The Next Generation and DS9 tried to play it more safe by being vague about the operational limits or storage sizes of their computers memory but even then they are beginning to look dated. Then again perhaps some of the interfaces we use are what is most efficient and likely to be used long after the present period. There’s a scene in the present series ‘Picard’ where a character reads filenames out and someone moaned about that in a review. But it didn’t bother me as it just seemed to a way to collate information given the scene and she was doing it on a holographic monitor in the show which is hardly real world technology yet. The holodeck is one of the shows technologies I always struggle with though, it raises a bajillion ethical concerns.

That’s just the thing–the technology they could only dream of was available within a few decades. Not all of it, but if you put yourself back in 1966, the technology we have boggles the mind.

My kids got baseball instruction that used slow-motion video on a level that professionals didn’t have in 1966. Not only is the resolution better, but athletes can be videotaped digitally and look at the results immediately. It can be done so cheaply that children can (and do) do it.

This is not a rate of change or a scope of change that the human race has ever had to deal with before. It is broader and faster by orders of magnitude. Astonishing.

Just the phenomenon of “going viral”–think about that. Even people of ordinary means can publicize commentary or moving pictures of events they witnessed and send the message to all corners of the globe essentially for free. There is no gatekeeper or editor. We have never had that before. This makes the availability of the printing press look like banging two rocks together.

Consider the conversation we’re having here. Consider the body of evidence that people leave about themselves for the entire planet to read–things people would not have posted on the bulletin board at a grocery store in the past!

Star Trek has the same problem all sci-fi shows have. Unless you make the technology totally ‘wave of the hand’ magic stuff the issues of such shows or literature dating comes up. There are ways of working around it. But with regards to societal changes large scale societal shifts have occurred many times in the 20th century. Yes technology contributes to some of them and present new ways of dealing with them and media etc. but the idea we are all descending into the end times or a pit of evil with no light can I think be over-stated.

No, I don’t think that the rate of change says we’re at the end times.

Good to see that. I believe humanity will likely obliterate alright mind you sooner or later but I just don’t see any divinity involved. I just see human stupidity.

Modern humans, like the change being experienced right now by modern humans, are unprecedented in the animal kingdom. What animal population has ever been self-aware–understood and manipulated its environment, its reproduction, its epidemiology? I don’t know what we’ll do or how we’ll wind up in the short term.

At the moment, statistically, it does. Look it up.

Sorry, but on the contrary, the basis for most of the accomplishments in the west has, indeed, been Christianity. the discovery of real science…the invention of universities. Most important, it was the west that invented human rights, began law and economic systems that didn’t merely help the rich, that fought and ended slavery, too many, many things to mention. Pick up “The Victory of Reason” by Stark and “The Genesis of Science” by Hannam.

The research on illegitimacy or single parenting, or whatever you prefer to call it., from places as varied as China and South Africa, France and Brazil is frightening. Alas, the emotional problems are, for too many, lifelong. The staggeringly higher suicide rate. The much higher ratio of school failure, and later, failure to succeed in jobs. The inability to be able to form a stable marriage later in life. The hugely higher ratio of drug and alcohol abuse, compared to the children of two parent families.

And no, it doesn’t even have much to do with economic issues. The children of the truly rich may not end up homeless, but, if they are not raised in a two parent family, irregardless of their wealth, they are far more likely to end up with drug or alcohol or emotional problems. Look at the children of movie stars; walking wounded, no matter how much fame and money they grew up with.

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So you will able no doubt to give links to some of this research. I call it parenting. I detest the term illegitimate.

So much, for good and bad, started in the late 1960s and early 70s, which was my college generation. Little did we realize that we were creating and cultivating the seeds of the mess the world is in now. As much as some of us might wish, however, there is no going back to the more tranquil era of the 1950s. Once the genie has been let out, together with the cat, the best we can do is maintain whatever we still have. I tend though to agree with the late 60 minutes commentator Andy Rooney, who said when asked, that the situation in our society and world is only going to get worse.

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