Does this Happen To Anyone


I play (Responsible) Poker online and I am a masterbater. I know it’s a sin, and I’ve stopped for like a week, and was getting really fortunate and poker and was winning really good. The last 2 days I have went back and masterbated, I went online today (yesterday was okay, lost some) and today I have not hit a pair in Texas Hold’em 90 hands. Is it possile that god is telling me to stop. I want to stop, but I think this is what he is trying to tell me.


Are you a Catholic? Then go to confession. You answered yourself in your post :slight_smile: And welcome to CAF!


I am Catholic, and I have went to confession for it. Thank you for your post.


No problem :wink:

Maybe read up on hell and exorcisms and get some really scary images in your head… think of these every time you want to masturbate and try and break the habit a bit. Also try and figure out if you feel most tempted after you do something… It sounds like you sincerely want to stop, and it’s been said that masturbation is more addictive than smoking. So it all comes down to breaking the habit. And God definitely wants you to stop. Trust me on this one, it can really destroy you. I’m praying for you! Asking the Holy Spirit and Our Lady to help you fight your temptations and stay pure should help too. :smiley:


I’ve already promised god I would stay pure until marriage. Thanks for your help and god bless you.


As to the poker/impurity connection, I rather doubt there really is one, but you never know.

I have mentioned to others that a prayer I use regularly for many things is in my signature below. If you pray this short prayer and contemplate upon it’s meaning, you will readily recognize that such impure actions are not performed for the Love of Him.
Another prayer and image that is useful during times of temptation is,
“Father take me to the foot of the cross that my sins may be washed in the blood of My Savior”.
Again, visualize this scene in your mind. See His feet nailed and the blood dripping on the ground. Wash yourself in the blood. Cling to the Cross and do not add to his sufferings by further impurity.

Also, pray the rosary, Spend time in front of the Blessed Sacrament, Keep busy and active so you are tired at night. All of these things can help you to overcome this sin.



I just saw this response to someone else fighting the same fight as you.
I felt you oculd benefit from it so here it is.



Yes, it is quite possible, in fact, likely, that He is trying to tell you to stop.

There are no coincidences in life. Everything is either the result of God’s will, or your own.


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