Does this sound strange?

I have a friend who claims she has the “gift” of seeing the devil. She is very involved in the charismatic movement and was told by one of her leaders that these visions are a gift from the Holy Spirit in order for her to warn others that the devil is around. Now she is claiming that her 1 yr old daughter has this gift as well. Other gifts she says she has is the gift of tounges and gift of healing through imposition of hands. She sometimes has a spirit of pride feeling she is “special” because of all this. On the other hand, she had her daughter out of wedlock and many times replaces her weekly charismatic group meetings for Mass. I’m not in any way judging her soul but all this seems too strange.

All this has distanced me from her—I’ve been feeling a negative vibe every time I’m around her. We’ve been friends for many years and hate to end our friendship but I also “feel” like I should. I’m still praying about it.

Satan is always behind strange or bizare spiritualities, gifts, or whatnot. I believe he is here, too, for his face is showing in the soul’s pride. Pray for the individual, and ask your priest for help on how to help the soul.

I can’t comment on the individual or even the charismatic movement (cause I have met really wonderful Catholics in the CCR) but I don’t think that seeing the devil is a really good thing.

Some of the Saints saw the devil but they were careful to not pay attention to him and to not speak to him. ever. They instantly turned with prayer to God. They simply ignored the devil and prayed and prayed and lived virtuous lives and he didn’t have any influence on them.

If someone is preoccupied about having visions of the devil that sounds very suspicious to me. Maybe I am wrong, I don’t want to speak against the Holy Spirit. But I’ve never encountered the Saints saying it’s a “gift” to see anything evil.

I think it was St Teresa of Avila…someone asked her if he could meditate on hell… and she said, “don’t”.

It is a gift to see Jesus, Mary, Saints, or Angels. It is also a gift to see nothing at all but love them. It’s not a gift to be preoccupied with the devil or demons or evil. Why? Because the best way to fight the devil is to keep your eyes on God… NOT on the devil… sure there are people who don’t think he’s real and that’s very dangerous… but the other grave mistake is being obsessed with him.

It’s best to just acknowledge that he is real and renounce all his ways and then spend your life humbly following the Lord.

I want to make a correction on my OP----My friend replaces Sunday Mass for her charismatic meetings.

of course, that is wrong :frowning:

It sounds like your friend is seeking affirmation through dubious “spiritual gifts”. You should gently, but firmly, counsel her to seek spiritual direction from a priest, and not rely on the guidance of one or more of the “leaders” of her charismatic group. Foregoing Mass for a charismatic meeting certainly is an indication that what she thinks she is experiencing is not from God.

She has spoken to several priests; however, she believes “they” are not fully open to the charismatic renewal; therefore, they’ve remained “ignorant” towards all that the Holy Spirit can accomplish.

We don’t have to “see” the Devil to know that he’s around, or the demons for that matter. They are, but so are the holy angels, our Lord Jesus, our Blessed Mother and our Holy Father. It’s not a “gift” to see him. I would say it is more of a gift to see the Lord Jesus myself. He’s the One I would want to see.

Even if she were given gifts from the Holy Spirit, that should be a humbling experience, not an exalting one. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are meant for God’s glory and to support the Church. They are given for edification and encouragement.

Whatever gifts she has or doesn’t have should be evaluated by her and she should submit to the holy priests and the magisterium no matter what. If she has gifts, they weren’t given to her in a vacuum.

Sadly it sounds like Satan is winning in this case because your friend is already in mortal sin by deliberately staying away from Sunday Mass.

unless this leader is the bishop he or she has no authority to make such a statement. this should have been submitted to the bishop in the first instance of its appearance or claim. No one in the orthodox Catholic Charistmatic movement would condone such a thing. No such group would allow its members to forgo Mass in favor of the weekly prayer meeting, either. She is involved in something other than the CCR and a good friend will get her to a good reliable pastor for counselling immediately.

true indication that the group she is with is not part of the CCR and is in fact a break away group, dangerous on many levels. Hope you have some influence with her because her daughter is in danger.

Thank you for your comment. What you suggest for me to do is what I am having a dilemma with. Everything I try to do seems to have no success. She believes I am the one not being receptive to the Holy Spirit. Now I don’t know if I am doing the correct thing by creating some distance between us or should I continue with this battle?

Excuse me for saying this, but the lead post almost reads like a **TROLL post **setting up attacks on the Charismatic movement.

I have been Charismatic since 1980 and these claims do **NOT **sound like anything I have ever heard in this renewal. To start with, a true Charismatic does not replace the mass with anything. Rather, the Charismatic movement leads one closer to the mass and Eucharistic adoration. Anything that does other than this, is not of the Charismatic renewal.

In the prior thread which was extremely lengthy, documentation was produced showing that Popes Paul VI, John Paul II and the present pope were part of the renewal and all highly supported it. I know members who are on the national steering committee for the movement here in the U.S. who have been to Rome for meetings about it and who were addressed by the popes retreat master, Fr Cantelemesa.(sp)

If this thread is for real, this friend of yours needs strong spiritual counseling from a orthodox priest who is familiar with the movement. .I suggest we all hold this woman up in prayer for prayer is needed.
Prayers & blessings
Deacon Ed B

if you have done all in your power then there is nothing else you can do. to answer your question, yes it sounds strange and I am giving you the benefit of a rather strong doubt that this is a true story. you actually have no dilemma, she has a dilemma, and depending on your relationship with you, there is little or nothing more you can do in the matter, except of course of a situation develops in which the child is in danger, since mental illness is a much more likely scenario than actual demonic contact

Deacon, I have know situations somewhat similar to the above situation where members of a parish did not really listen to their own pastor. They also suggested priest to give shorter homily so that they might have Praise & worship after mass. Priest coming to retreat gave great advices, they didn’t listen. Priest had to quit helping a Bible group because some members were arguing/hitting table in front of him. Fortunately, they have changed after few years.

All of these are due to the lack of leadership in such particular group. Their zeal for the Lord is great but because of the lack of spritiual direction, experienced leadership, people can do such things.

Deacon Ed B,

Thank you for your comment, but I have to say that this is in NO way an attack on the Charismatic Movement. I’m a fervent listener of Catholic radio and everthing I’ve heard of the CM are GREAT things. I am aware this movement is in accord with the Magisterium so there is NO way I would say anything against it. I am really in distress and by joining this forum I am hoping to learn and grow in my faith. I am a newbie in this journey and I am just trying to do my best.

Truthseeker, I believe what you said about your friend, well to be honest I think they might be deceived :frowning: especially if they’re missing Mass. I like the CCR myself though I’m not in it, but it sounds like in this particular case there’s something wrong here. Definitely pray for this person and her daughter…poor kid… :frowning: and maybe ask a priest for advice.

God bless.

I didn’t read all the other posts here but is she missing mass sometimes? If so, sin. If a gift like this comes from God it leaves one with more humility , charity and a deeper love of God. If there’s pride after receiving any special graces then it’s the work of the devil. She should see an orthodox, holy and knowledgeable priest for some serious spiritual direction because she may well lose her soul if she’s being deceived.

A good charismatic core group makes sure that the prayer group is in line with the authentic teachings of the Church. Any person in the group that thinks a prayer meeting can take the place of Mass is misguided and needs correct instruction. Being disobedient to legitimate authority in the Church causes a lot of trouble.

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