Does this warrant a Mortal Sin?

So just a few moments ago I was bored on my computer and I ended up on a gif website and I scrolled down to a section which I saw included pornographic images of women. Just out of curiosity I looked at a few of them, but then felt disgusted, stopped and prayed for the precious blood of Christ to wash over me. In the moment I didn’t feel aware that I was committing a sin because I wasn’t feeling as if I was fully indulging in the pleasure
(I was a bit aroused). I think I remember reading in the CCC that these type of images are indeed of grave matter so I feel like I had knowledge of this sin. I feel terrible for doing this, because I just went to confession a few weeks back to wash away my sins of impurity.

To clarify:

Did you intentionally search for the porn? You said that you “were bored on my computer,” which suggests you were intentionally searching for something, but then said you “ended up on a gif website.”

Did you “end up on” it intentionally?

Second, were you at all aware of the fact that the view of porn is grave matter before or during the act? You said that you did this “just a few moments ago,” so I’m of the impression that you knew that it was wrong, but didn’t really think about how sinful it was until after.

“Just out of curiosity” may decrease the sin, but does not negate it. There is such a thing as “sinful curiosity,” when you view or learn something making excuse to yourself that it is just because you are “curious” or need to “learn.”

I’m glad you feel terrible about this. God will definitely forgive you, because you are contrite. Take this to confession and sin no more; I’m sure that if you ask for it, God will give the grace to avoid this sin.

I had something similar happen to me recently. I always say better safe than sorry, so I went to confession. Remember, part of the act of contrition is to “avoid the near occasion of sin” so you may want to rethink some of these sites you go to. :tiphat:

Time to go to confession again! And get some blocking software - don’t go to that site. Yeah, I know, it’s not ALL porn, but why tempt yourself. Not worth it. When you start getting “bored on your computer,” get up and walk away, say a decade of the rosary. Go outside and do something else. Go talk to a friend. Etc.

We all fail, we all fall from time to time and yes, we all grieve over our sins. We are all imperfect human beings trying to live as Christ wishes us too, a life of love, peace, mercy, forgiveness. Our greatest enemy is ourselves, each day is a struggle with many temptations and anxieties. Satan is always lurking , ever watchful. You called on the Lord in your moment of struggle and that is all any of us can do. Pray the Rosary from your heart that our Blessed Mother will protect you. Certainly go to confession, but I see that you carry the grief of looking at these images. The more we acknowledge our sins, the more we grieve ,and the more we grieve, the more our Love for the Lord grows. May God bless you and watch over you.

If you really weren’t expecting to see that, I don’t see how it’s a mortal sin.

In my Confirmation religion book, this issue is addressed. For instance, if you read a newspaper and find pornography, you’re really not in a state of mortal sin just for seeing it unless you knew it was there and wanted to see it with full consent and knew it was a grave matter.

The CCC says that pornography is a grave matter, but that’s only one condition.

For the future, the better response here would be to immediately avert your eyes, scroll the browsing window away from the dangerous pictures, and then safely exit the website. It’s hard to say whether this was mortal with absolute certainty, but the fact that you lingered out of curiosity definitely tells me that there was some consent there.

I find that even mainstream news sites have pictures of women that are sexually provocative and are quite contrary to purity. Therefore, whenever I browse news sites, I try to always remember to turn images off on my browser so that only the text shows up. It’s actually a pretty effective filter for impure content.

You are correct. However, that only applies when the person finds it unwittingly and then looks away.

Based on what the OP said, it appears that he did not expect to find it, but he lingered on it, which means there was consent. It doesn’t matter how you find it; if you keep looking without averting your eyes, you are consenting to the sin.

Here is an example I like to use:

You go to the grocery store every week to buy food. At the grocery store, particularly in the register lines, there is a variety of magazines. Most are garbage and some even have immodest photos of men/women on the cover. However, you aren’t going to the grocery store to look at the magazines! You are going to buy food. Ignoring the magazines is the best thing you can do.

Going back to yours, it wouldn’t probably be considered mortal. Obviously, pornography IS a grave matter, but unintentionally looking at it like you said would not constitute it as a mortal sin. For example, I use and some other websites for homework. There are sometimes “not so good” ads with photos on them that I notice. However, if one does not linger and quickly gets away recognizing it is wrong, there is no mortal sin. In order to commit a mortal sin, you must have consent.

I posted a question on here about a month or two ago asking if I had committed a mortal sin. I was on Youtube watching a video about the catholic faith, and for some reason, a garbage video popped up on the side. Its tiny picture depicted a teacher inappropriately touching a girl, and I think the title was “World’s Worst Teacher.” After constant debate in my head, I gave in and clicked on it. Immediately, after seeing 5 seconds, I realized it was a mockery and got out. When I talked to my confessor about it (and explaining it extremely thoroughly) he told me it was a venial sin. He then gave me the grocery store analogy and told me to use it when I think I have committed a mortal sin involving immodest women/men, etc.

It has worked and I have started to limit my time on sites I KNOW present temptations. I hope this helps man!

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