Does this year's midnight Mass fulfill Sunday obligation?

Since it was on a Sunday? Or does the Midnight Mass only fulfill the Christmas obligation?

It does fulfill Sunday obligations.

The Christmas obligation and Sunday obligation are one and the same this year, since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year. Same for next week.

This makes I think, 5 threads with the same question.
Why on earth would you think that a Christmas Mass does not fulfill the Christmas obligation when it falls on a Sunday?
Midnight is 12 AM Sunday.

May you have a blessed New Year. :gopray:

I’m still waiting for someone to say what Sunday we’re celebrating if not Christmas. 5th Sunday of Advent or some other made up feast day. :smiley:


“Is Christmas not on the 25th since it’s on a Sunday this year?” LOL


Sunday is a holy day of obligation no matter what day it falls on as long as you attend the Saturday night vigil Mass or Mass on Sunday itself you’re fine. Christmas just happened to be on a Sunday this year it’s not the first time it’s happened and it won’t be the last.

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