Does Top Ramen count as meat?


Hi all,

I was wondering if Top Ramen: noodle soup that is flavored like chicken and beef but dosen’t have any meat is ok to eat. Top Ramen is a simple light lunch perfect for not going overboard during Lent.




Sounds fine if it’s just flavour. :thumbsup:


Fr. Vincent Serpa says meat broth is allowed on days of abstinence. Source]

Jimmy Akin says meat broth is allowed. Source] He also gives the prohibition on soups made from meat in the 1917 Code of Canon Law. (It changed with the current Code.)

American Catholic says meat broth is allowed. Source]

My only question is, does Top Ramen really count as food??? :slight_smile:


It would count as a snack, wouldn’t it?


I thought the ingredients included chicken fat, or dehydrated chicken powder, or something. But if chicken broth is okay, than that might be okay too.


Not if you eat it for lunch. Then it counts as lunch.

Don’t they make one with shrimp too? Sounds nasty to me although I love shrimp.

I like the cup of noodles kind…California Vegetable.


Yeah, that is my question, is Top Ramen really food? :smiley:


Enjoy your top ramen. (They are addictive!)


Either way I’d count it as penance.

Indomie ramen now…


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