Does U.S.A. need to be consecrated to ‘Our Lady of America’?

Torch bearers of purity. Your thoughts? Prayers?
It matters to me.
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September 25, 1956,
“Our Lady promised that greater miracles than those granted at Lourdes and Fatima would be granted here in America, the United States in particular, if we would do as she desires.”
~Sr. Neuzil
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On September 27, 1956,
“I desire to make the whole of America my shrine by making every heart accessible to the love of my Son.”

I think this is private revelation and doesn’t seem to be an accepted apparition as of yet, far as I know.

However, we all could benefit by consecrating ourselves to Our Lady, devoting the First Saturdays for the reparation of sins, receiving the sacraments very frequently, leading good Catholic lives, and praying the rosary, daily.

It is unapproved and as usual therefore should not be promoted on the forum.

Hasn’t the Church already officially proclaimed Mary as “Patroness of the United States?”

The proper website is:

The messages were approved by the local Bishop. Our Lady of American is the last hope for America.

They were approved for private devotion. Promoting apparitions which have not approved by the Church as worthy of belief is forbidden on the forum.

Last hope for America? According to whom? The Church?..

I have great faith in Our Lord and great devotion to Our Lady…

I would never declare “last hope” . Sounds like fatalism and despair to me.

The official website, as someone pointed out, is

I do not trust anything coming from the website that you posted. Archbishop Burke did send a letter to all of the US bishops highly praising this devotion, but unlike other promoters of Our Lady of America, Sister Mary Joseph from the official website would be the first to tell you that "To date, as far as we know, there has been no final written approval from the Toledo diocese, the only diocese of authority, stating that “this message is worthy of belief by the faithful.”

I thought so - isn’t Our Lady of Guadalupe the patroness of the Americas? That’s what we were taught in RCIA, that she was the “star of the new evangelization of the Americas and our patroness.”

Correct! That’s why the flags of all Ameican nations are displayed in the basilica of Tepeyac.

Fully agree with this post!!

Additionally, there are no devotions that are “needed” beyond devotion and worship of and to our God. All others are personal devotions. While those personal devotions may be poetic, beautiful and help you grow closer to God, they are not required.

I’m sorry. I thought is was approved. And the only thing missing was a procession of Her statue into the Basilica, to bring down the graces.
Our Blessed Mother, whom without, you would never had a Saviour, pleads with Her children of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, to open their hearts to Her Son, but ‘most’ are cold and indifferent. It’s not fatalism and despair. It’s a wake-up call to the unfaithful. If you took some time to read Her words (as well as Jesus, Joseph, and the angels), perhaps you’d learn some truth’s concerning the country’s plight. Despite your arrogant dismissal of the messages of Hope, I stand with faith behind Our Lady, and Her sorrowful prayers for our nation. Since nobody offered up a prayer, I’ll do so myself.
We gather about you, O chaste and holy Mother, Virgin Immaculate, Patroness of our beloved Land, determined to fight under your banner of holy purity against the wickedness that would make all the world an abyss of evil, without God and without your loving maternal care.
We consecrate our hearts, our homes, our Land to your Most Pure Heart, O great Queen, that the kingdom of your Son, our Redeemer and our God, may be firmly established in us.
We ask no special sign of you, sweet Mother, for we believe in your great love for us, and we place in you our entire confidence. We promise to honor you by faith, love, and the purity of our lives according to your desire.
Reign over us, then, O Virgin Immaculate, with your Son Jesus Christ. May His Divine Heart and your most chaste Heart be ever enthroned and glorified among us. Use us, your children of America, as your instruments of peace among men and nations. Work your miracles of grace in us, so that we may be a glory to the Blessed Trinity, Who created, redeemed, and sanctifies us. Amen.

Not all of us here are American and as another poster has pointed out these are private revelations, one is neither more or less Catholic for subscribing to them.

Is it wrong to be concerned with the souls of our brothers and sisters in my own country?
I should hope not!
Is it our right as Catholic’s to ignore private revelations?
It certainly is our right, but foolish if it concerns our soul(s)!
Are we more or less Catholic for subscribing to them?
I know that we are not. But since Lourdes and Fatima are private revelations, do you still insist we ignore them also?
I’m unsure of your agenda, my friend.
I’m not pushing anything, just offering.
If Mr. Traditionalist has an ax to grind today, maybe I’ll take it to another forum :slight_smile:

It is nearly Christmas Day. I will not engage in fruitless debate with you on this day. Pax Christi.

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