Does Wal Mart Support Abortion or Contraception?

Does anyone know if wal mart sells contraception pills or supports abortion in any way? I’ve heard different things and I can’t seem to find an accurate source, can anyone provide one?

Thanks and God bless.

I know they sell condoms so I doubt they would ban the pill in their pharmacy.

well, I found this

The list of companies it urges pro-life advocates to boycott now includes Wal-Mart, the world’s largest corporation.

but can’t seem to find a confirmation for this.

I also found this

If Wal-Mart agreed to work with them in 1999, then why was Planned Parenthood saying that Wal-Mart’s decision had “not changed” in 2001? I haven’t seen any proof that Wal-Mart worked with them, but I’ve seen plenty of evidence that Planned Parenthood is upset with Wal-Mart.

I’m guessing it’s outdated, but I don’t know.

I know they use cheap Malaysian workers…No, I’m not saying the workers are cheap, just their pay :wink:

I’m sure they probably sell contraceptives if it profits them…

Prayers and petitions,

Wal-Mart buys a great deal of its inventory from China, actively supporting a state system that forces abortions on women. Birth control is readily available at their pharmacies. Their media section is crammed full of CDs, DVDs, books and computer games that actively endorse these hedonistic lifestyle choices. I think it’s safe to say that Wal-Mart is very supportive of both contraception and abortion.


I’m fairly sure that Planned Parenthood will continue to be upset with Wal-Mart as long as they fail to offer discount abortions next to the seasonal aisle.

I’ll shop at Walmart anyway.:stuck_out_tongue: I’m just not into jumping on every boycott bandwagon.

well, (once I get my lisence) I could just take that inconvenience and drive to some other store and shop there. If there’s no other place to find something I really need, well I guess I’m stuck with that store.

I’m also hoping that if WM does support contraception and abortion, I’ll have the courage to ask my parents if they could perhaps go grocery shopping somewhere else, since I’m having a problem with shyness/embarassment :o :frowning:

How many drug stores in America do not sell some kind of contraception?

Most grocery chains sell pornographic magazines and often have an attached pharmacy. Is there anyplace in a secular society outside of Christian Bookstores where on can shop with an easy conscience. Everyone seems to be naming the stores we should boycott. So far I don’t see anyone able to provide us with a list of safe bets. Anyone?

I’d like to bet that those that don’t are NOT big national chains (Walgreens, Revco, etc.) It would be the “Mom and Pop” drugstores that would refuse to sell contraceptives.

Everyone takes aim at WalMart 'cause bigger targets are easier to hit. After working there ten years, I’m sure I’ve heard that WalMart is to blame for every evil thing that occurs in the world.

I’m not sure about Walmart… in particular. But I do know, that in the many years I’ve been in the workforce (1977 - 08)… it seems that most large corporations… solicit their employees annually, to give to United Way. I have heard that United Way is affiliated with Planned Parenthood.

Once I heard about that… I declined the automatic paycheck donations to United Way. I’ve been looked upon unfavorably, because I no longer contribute. But… it’s in little ways like these… I feel that we can make a statement.

I’m hoping that all Catholics out there… know about the United Way/Planned Parenthood connection. Everyone should know.

Yes, WM does sell birth control, as well as various fertility meds.
It’s where I get mine.
You will most likely not find a drug store that doesn’t.

Maybe, but it will be quite a search.

Here’s info on morning after pill as well.

If you ask a United Way fund raiser, they will usually tell you that you can direct where you want your contribution to go or not to go. So you contribute and your money goes into the pot. When the money is distributed “your contribution” does not go to what ever, but more of someone else’s does so bottom line each recipient of United Way donations gets exactly what United Way decides to give them. Your donation is used to beef up the funds that someone else opted out from. The only solution is to give directly to the charitable cause(s) of your choice.

For example I could say I want all of my contribution to go to the Boy Scouts of America. When things are sorted out that’s where my contribution goes, but less of someone else’s is allocated so in the end the BSA gets exactly what was planned and not more because I choose for them to get it all…

Yes, unfortunatley, it doesn’t always work out with United Way. After my father died… of a rare lung disorder… I requested that particular year for my donation to go to the American Lung Association. It wasn’t until the following year… that I discovered on my pledge card that my donation had NOT gone to the American Lung Association… but into the “general fund”. Shortly after that, I became aware of the Planned Parenthood connection… and I started to wonder if MY money (intended for the Amercian Lung Association) had gone to fund abortions.

I was sickened… and permanently withdrew my support for United Way. That was about 5 years ago. I will never support them again. I feel it much safer to give to charity, through our parish. Not at work.

I admire you for your honesty, but must inform you that you are in a state of grave moral sin and are not allowed to take the Eucharist while taking ‘birth control’.

Besides, it is abortifacient and you are guilty of much more than the condemnation of the Catholic Church if you use it… you are guilty of murder.

Dr. Aaron, Pharm.D.

Originally, Wal-Mart said they would not sell Plan B, but were forced to nearly 2 years ago by feminist pressure groups.,9171,1169917,00.html

As for supporting abortion, I do not think so. They do not seem to be a direct supporter of Planned Parenthood nand have raised the ire PP several times over the years.

It appears that the direct answer to the question is: Only under duress.

By the way, I am **not **a fan of Wal-Mart. Several times over the last few years my employer has had to sue them frequently (and we always won) for selling counterfeit reproductions of my company’s products. (I work for a popular outdoor clothing maker.)

Aaron, thanks for the concern, I genuinely appreciate it.
I am not Catholic, however, but responded as someone
who knows for certain that WM does sell such drugs.
That’s all.

I won’t go into the why’s of my need for both, as I don’t want
to hijack. Again, thank you for your concern and advice!

TC2, Aaron conveniently forgot to mention that most Catholic couples of childbearing age use some form of birth control that is not NFP. When it comes to birth control discussion of any kind, the rhetoric usually falls under the “do as I say, not as I do” rule.:hmmm:

Bella, you’ll find those kinds of folks everywhere, not just Catholic!
But anyway, no worry of murder here, as DH has azoospermia, no epididymus, and I have pcos. The bc is to regulate my cycle, the fertility meds are to make me ovulate (as I don’t on my own) and the doctor does the rest!

I know it’s not acceptable from a Catholic viewpoint, but that’s the situation. (which I said I wasn’t going into…sigh. Sorry)

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