Does wisdom chapter 2 officially contain Messianic prophecy?

Officially as in the church says it is? :slightly_smiling_face:

NABRE footnotes, Wisdom 2

[2:125:23] From 2:12 to 5:23 the author draws heavily on Is 5262, setting forth his teaching in a series of characters or types taken from Isaiah and embellished with additional details from other texts. The description of the “righteous one” in 2:1220 seems to undergird the New Testament passion narrative.

NABRE footnotes, Matthew 27:

[27:43] Peculiar to Matthew. He trusted in God…wants him: cf. Ps 22:9. He said…of God: probably an allusion to Wis 2:1220 where the theme of the suffering Just One appears.

As far as I can see, there seems to be nothing of this kind in the CCC. Only two verses from this chapter, vv. 23 and 24, are referenced in the CCC, in four paragraphs altogether.

#391, #413:



On Wisdom 2:12, the Haydock Bible says:

Ver. 12. Just. Infidels are not content to live in riot: they also persecute the just. (Worthington) — This passage points out the conduct of the Jews towards our Saviour, in so striking a manner, that Grotius would assert it has been altered by some Christian. But the Fathers adduce it as a clear prediction (Calmet) of the Jewish malice, Matthew xxvii. 41., and Mark xiv. 53. (Worthington)

I would says yes.

The best place to look for this kind of thing is the liturgy. Looking at the Mass lectionary, on a particular Sunday in ordinary time the Messianic passages in Wisdom 2 are paired Mark 9:30-37, where Jesus fortells His passion. On a certain weekday in Lent, they are paired with John 7:25-30, where there is an attempt to arrest Jesus.

The passage from Wisdom 2 is also a choice for the readings for votive Masses for the Mystery of the Holy Cross where the Gospel choices are various Passion readings.


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