Does your average evangelical read Chick Tracts or believe what they say?

For example, would students who attend Campus Crusade read and believe in chick tracts (for those of you who don’t know who Jack Chick is, read this by Jimmy Akin . I’ve never seen this things handed out except by some guys at a state fair (they were handing out mostly anti muslim stuff that day).

So does your average evangelical read chick tracts and believe what they say? I’ve never asked my evangelical friends because either I’m afraid they won’t know what i’m talking about (since I’ve never seen them read them or use them even when I had evangelical roommates) or they’ll hand me one and say i’m some agent of the Vatican LOL:D (i guess in a sense I am though)

Average, of course not. I never heard of them before joining this site

Een Protestants view them as unfunny jokes.

I’ve known many Evangelicals, but I’ve never found a single one who took them seriously. Not openly anyway.

When I was a protestant I did’t take them too seriously, but I think my Uncle (old school baprtist)does.:shrug:

Lets stay above insulting and mocking.

As a Protestant I was doing some random internet searches for faith resources and came across Chick Tracts. Some of the claims made were so scandalous I decided to see if anyone on the web was writing anything to refute them.

I found Jimmy Atkin’s article and that is the first time I can recall visiting Catholic Answers. Started reading apologetics and listening to the webcasts. Several months later now I am in RCIA. Thanks Jack Chick for leading me to Catholic Answers

You should write him a letter thanking him. I’m sure he’d love it. :smiley:

:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:,This just shows how those can backfire…:wink:

God Bless you David. Welcome home :thumbsup:

On the average, no. Some do but most of the ones I know do not. However, I have noticed more and more people taking the claims (no matter where they hear them) more seriously. It somewhat sickens me to be honest.

I had never heard of those tracts until spotting them in the rack that was on the back of the pew seat in front of me when I attended a Baptist funeral. What I read made me sick all over and I began to hyperventilate. I was shocked to learn such diabolical stories had even been conjured, let alone that people believed them enough to write them, print them and distribute them. Then there were the people who had made them available in that church, apparently with the approval of the minister and lay leaders of the church. I’m still amazed that such outlandish garbage could be taken as truth by anyone with the ability to think and that there remains an audience for that kind of vitriol. Yet, exactly that has occurred in many churches in many countries–truly the work of Satan.

Let us pray for an end to this kind of hatred, no matter to whom it might be directed. Although we are told that our faith “will not perish from this earth,” it is our duty to pray for the protection of our Church and for those who might believe such tripe.

O glorious and holy St. Michael, defend us in battle. Be our safeguard against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God bebuke him, we humbly pray, and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the Divine Power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits roaming throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Yes, some Fundamentalists I have talked to believe them. Around our town the little booklets are distributed or left in business or public places. I routinely remove them when I see them. Many of the booklets have negative and untrue conotations about Catholics. Replacing them with Catholic brochures would be a good idea. If people want to read about Catholicism, they shoud read it from the source. Not this erroneous propanda.

DavidtheGnome------Welcome to our Catholic faith! May you always cherish this precious gift of belief. Hold it close to your heart; guard it and protect it, for it is the greatest treasure you will ever know! Best wishes to you!

I see them at bus stops a lot here where I live.

DavidtheGnome, I think a letter of thanks would be a great touch. Qwestions, did you notice if they were in all the pew racks? The reason I ask is that I have often seen them in restrooms, usually left on the toilet paper dispenser (untentional irony, I am sure). I used to throw them away when I would find them at work, as we did not allow them to be distributed inside the building. I am thinking if there were only a couple, someone may have stuck them in the rack’s without the church’s knowledge or approval.

I would think that very few read them. There are probably some who would reject them outright but do accept some of their ideas without knowing just where they came from. As a whole I would believe that the vast majority of Protestants would reject them. I have seen them and I do feel sorry for any adult who gets his theology from comic books.

There are a number of reasons for my conversion, pro-life being number one, but some of the attacks on the church were so ridiculous and unbelieveable I knew that there must be something right about the church.

I never heard of Jack Chick before coming to CAF.

I met my first rabid Chicksians when I was a guest speaker at a convention of that great con job, “Campus Crusade for Christ”, at their home base in Arrowhead Springs, CA.

Jack Thomas Chick is an exceptionally intelligent, talented, and shrewd businessman who has become a multi-millionaire telling Catholic haters what they want to hear, just as Rush Limbaugh has become rich telling right-wng nuts what they want to hear about left-wing nuts.

Anti-Catholicism is big business because the Catholic Church is a big target. Visit any LDS “Deseret Book Store” and see multi-volumes of anti-Catholic trash for sale.

Another interesting group I recall from my CCforC days, using religion as a guise to make big bucks, is “Jews for Jesus”. Protestants love to give money to “converted Jews” in preference to their Christian-born brethren. “Converted Catholics” also draw an enthusiastic crowd. A few years ago in Oklahoma City an “ex priest” was touted and publicized to make a speech “exposing the Vatican”. His promoters collected thousands of dollars up front and packed a large auditorium. Some of those folks might still be there waiting for him to show up.

No, and yes.

I you present a typical Evangelical with such a thing, s/he will recognise it for hateful propaganda, and dismiss it.

However, quite a few of the ideas in the tracts (many of which date back to the Reformation) circulate individually within Protestantism, and the repetition of those ideas from many sources around them leads Evangelicals to think that there must be some truth to them. This is what leads people to believe that Catholics worship Mary, that Catholicism is fundamentally pagan, that it is all about wealth and power for the Pope, etc.

So, they do influence people’s belief, but not independently or directly.

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