Does your Church have a bazaar


Ours is in Sept. The Mother church holds it cause they have the hall.


As far as I know my church doesn’t. Bazaars always make me think of the film Pollyanna.


Yep, 2 weeks ago. Always an important fund-raiser for the school.

The parish I was raised in never had one though – I think I was well into high school before I ever even heard of a church bazaar.


My childhood parish had the mother of all church “bazaars.” We called it a “Fiesta” and it included dozens of booths for games and food, live entertainment all weekend, and full-size carnival rides like the Tilt-a-Whirl, a Ferris wheel, even a baby roller coaster for the wee ones!


cajun Joy, I have recently moved and am going to kick off a garden. I was just told yesterday to go to the monastery, the church and the sisters fetes.
Lots of cuttings to be had at these fetes, we call them.

buying plants can be so expensive otherwise


Want some asparagus plants ? I’ve got way too many now :slight_smile:


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