Does your Church offer instruction on Councils other than Vatican II?

NOTE: I should have used the Other one for “No” so if your Church dosen’t offer anything vote “other” and then post “no instruction” please. Thanks!

I’ve been to many Churches in my life (moved around a lot) and all, or most, offered some class about the history or teaching’s of Vatican II. Some were good, some were not so good. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a class or lecture offered about any of the other councils. In my opinion that’s a tragedy because I think there is a wealth of knowledge to be learned by studying the entire history of the church and understanding all of the councils in terms of the Church’s entire history. Has your parish ever offered a class on any of these Council’s (outside of an CCD lecture or an RCIA brief mention)?

My parish, and I dare say most parishes, don’t offer instruction on any council documents let alone Vatican II alone. :whacky:

I voted “other”-we recieve no instruction. We do have some classes on Vatican II, it’s history–how the Church changed etc etc…most of it is VERY basic and sketchy at best. I wish we had the ability and intrest to offer classes on other Councils.

You don’t have “all of the above and then some” either. When I teach on any given topic I will always introduce many of the Fathers and any Councils that are relevant to the topic. Especially when teaching on the early History of the Church.

My poor pet, haven’t you heard? There is nothing but darkness and superstition prior to the 1960s. Keep looking forward now, and mankind will overcome!

Hi Sanctus,

It has always taken a long time to implement councils. Some of Trent was not implemented until Pius X, in 1910. Eventually, the teaching of a council is integrated into the general teaching of the Church. If you read the notes of the Catechism of the Catholic church, you will find references to many councils.

On the other hand, many councils dealt with problems of their times or other practical matters and have had little effect on doctrine.


I would like to offer a kind of modification on the suggestion to study other councils. My proposal is this, Take major topics, often the same that are discussed in these forums, and study them starting what is the present day Teaching on any given subject and study its development through the past councils of the Church and other sources of Church History. I would start with with the development of the Liturgy.

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