Does your church participate in National Day of Prayer?



I was just wondering if all churches in America participate in National Day of Prayer.

I had not heard of this until I came to my non-denom church.

Do cathil churches do this as well?


It is May 3rd


Oh is there a specific day on a calendar where all the protestant will pray together?? something like a prayer meeting!! In my country the last one was a huge prayer crusade led by an American Pastor (forgotten his name) all protestant churches are welcome to join. But such huge meeting is not common here, my church has at least one - two prayer meeting in a mth for all the members and at least one overnight (start from 12midnight - 6am) prayer meeting for all members as well.


The National day of prayer is when church congregations get together and pray for our nation and the President and all elected people. We pray for issues facing our country here and abroad. We pray for leaders all over the world. But, the prayer usually is for the leadership of the USA. I hope it is not just a protestant thing. I hope the CC do this as well.

Thanks for asking.


I don’t know if our parish is participating but I see nothing wrong with individuals going even if the parish isn’t. The national prayer day here will actually be celebrated in front of our City Hall on the street. I know a lot of the people I work with go and I was thinking about going. I may take my rosary and pray that!


Im sure your local government needs all the prayer they can get.:thumbsup: As does mine.


I know mine does.


Catholics don’t need a separate day during the year to pray for our nations and it’s leaders. We do this at every Mass after the readings. It’s called the General Intercessions or Pray of the Faithful. During this we pray for the needs of the Church and for people everywhere, including our separate berthern in Christ. So everyday Catholics pray for all people though out the world including the leaders of our country.

It’s good that Protestant churches are starting to do this. Our country and it’s leaders need our prayers very badly.


I believe they look at it as corporate prayer. Christians coming together all around the country on the same day, praying for the government and whatever is going on at the time. Im not sure how long this has been going on.


Isn’t this the same day as Meet You At the Pole? I know kids at the local high schools, of all denominations get together for this. I tried to start it at my high school, but it was kinda ignored cause we prayed for the government every morning at morning prayer (we were a Catholic school :slight_smile: )


My parish doesn’t, at least to my knowledge. However, there is a National Catholic Prayer Breakfast held each year in Washington. I think it is similiar in idea to the National Day of Prayer:


Yes we do that also. I believe those prayers are specifically for the school system, teachers and students at that specific school you are praying at. My daughter went for the first time this year. I commend her because she is in 8th grade in a public school. :thumbsup: Only 8 people showed up out of 1500 students and 200 staff.:frowning:


It sounds like it would be the same idea:thumbsup:


I don’t know why I see so much mocking of this idea here. It was the Catholic priest in my town who called me and the two of us designed a service to celebrate and lead the community in prayer. We shared it with the other clergy of all the other churches in town and they all joined in.

I’ve been doing this with all churches in every town I’ve lived in for at least the last 12 years. I find that all of the Christians in town look forward to these opportunities to show our oneness in Christ. Maybe it is more of a small town America thing?

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