Does your church teaches about the Illuminati?

Or maybe it is a subject (like Roswell aliens) considered to be so ridiculous that no one with a shred of credibility is willing to entertain it.

Over the years here, I’ve come across this phrase a number of times and have wondered what that actually means.

What would the doing the consecrating actually entail?
Who would do it?
Why to her ‘Immaculate Heart’ rather than just to her?
Might the Orthodox get miffed? Might they retaliate by doing an Orthodox consecrating of Poland or Ireland, say?


Like all prophecies about the future, it is throwing a dart at a wall and then drawing a target around it. You’ll end up as mad as Macbeth if you try to make heads or tales of it.

Aww, I was hoping it would be some grand affair involving multitudes in Piazza San Pietro and stuff.

:thumbsup: The only things to do is :rotfl: or :banghead: or :takethat: or :gopray:.

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