Does your church use incense on Sundays and/or the major feasts?

Pardon if this has already been discussed.

Yes, mine is a cathedral parish and I wouldn’t expect otherwise.

What’s a “Novus Ordae” parish? What’s an “indult” parish? Both sound like Latin Rite parishes.

What does this have to do with the use of incense? NO parishes have Mass said in the vernacular. Indult parishes are allowed to celebrate Mass in Latin according to the pre-V II rubrics. Both, however, use incense.

Novus Ordae (“New Order”) is the missal that is currently in general use in the Latin-rite church. An indult parish exists under rules approved by the Holy Father. An Anglican Use parish is one. Only certain people, namely former Epsicopalians, may ask the (arch)bishop for it. And he is certainly not bound to grant it.

I think perhaps because according to prior rubrics the use of incense was regulated, while the current rubrics are more flexible?

My parish uses incense at our 11:00 mass on Sunday, and on all the major feasts. We didn’t use to ever use incense, but our new priest is a lot more traditional than the old one :slight_smile:

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