Does your Church use incense?


Mine does not and I was wondering who decides this – if anyone knows.

I really liked it in churches that used it and I kind of miss it.

Was it done away with or is it parish dependent?


I am a bit of a parish hopper - most of 'em will break it out for special occasions, but not use it most weekdays or Sundays.

I’m guessing that since a lot of people out there are either allergic to it or a bit sensitive to the smell, churches are tending to avoid it. I don’t know who decides but it does seem to be on a Church-by-church basis.


yes and bells as well for the Missa Cantata, Benediction Requiem Mass etc but then I am at a traditional chapel


Mostly only for The Exposition. I miss the use of incense. It seems like it was used more when I was younger.



I voted “Always”, but I actually meant for Sunday Masses. My church doesn’t use incense for weekday Masses (unless it’s a Holy Day).


" Smells and Bells " !! I love em. :smiley:

And miss em ! :frowning:


Sunday Mass and days of obligation yes, for Daily Mass no.


I love incense, but our parish rarely uses it - only at Easter, I think.

I’m glad that they don’t use it, however. My wife is so allergic to it that we spent an entire Midnight Mass in the Vestibule of the church because there was so much incense that she couldn’t breathe.


Incense makes me cough. The amount used at a funeral isn’t too bad (just a couple little hacks out of me) but Holy Week is really tough. I can’t cantor or be song leader for Masses with incense. Fortunately, we have several cantors. As a kid in the 50s and 60s, I thought I’d just choke to death sometimes.


I’m sorry if I’m one of the loners who says this, but I hate the smell of incense. I like the idea of it, I enjoy the rituals and meanings for the incense, it’s just that the smell of it is nauseating to me. I had to end up cleaning out the pew a few times when I was a kid because it made me so sick. If I know that they will be useing it during mass, I try to get as far away from it as possible.

A few months ago, I went to daily mass in our parish chapel. I just happended to be sitting in front that day, and the priest came and kneeled about 2 feet away from me and started doing the incense thing. I could not gracefully get away from it, so I had to just kneel there and endure it. I offered the whole thing up, made it through without retching, and I’m pretty sure I got at least one person out of pergatory for offering my experience up.:slight_smile:


Our parish doesn’t use incense in Ordinary Time (except for funerals and such.)

But we do use it on the major feasts because, well, because they are major feasts.

It’s a nice balance between the wonderful ceremony and tradition associated with using incense and that pesky difficulty with breathing (my pastor is allergic), let alone singing (I’m in the choir) that comes with the use of incense.

Everyone has some Sunday they can enjoy.


We use it on Adoration Sundays.


Now only on Big Days and first Saturday. We used to have a Priest who moved to a religious community outside of Chicago in Maryville. He collected incense and as such used it all the time. I guess its up to the Priest.


None of the parishes in my county use it except for the major holidays.
Except at my parish the priest used it during a weekday Mass which happened to be on his birthday. lol.


My parish uses incense at the main Sunday Masses and major holidays. But then, I go to a Cathedral.


At our parish we use incense every Sunday at the High Mass.



All of our Parishes use Insense and I love it. I especially love to watch the Priest walking around the altar with it.

The Insense has high significance and I am always lost in my Catholic world whenever it is used. Truly magnificent.


We use it at our parish for Friday benediction and during Holy Week. I think we also use it at midnight Mass at Christmas, as well.


I put ‘sometimes’ but the poll options are a bit limited. My parish uses incense every Sunday, but only for the high mass (11:00). No incense for the other masses.


Ours never does. I really miss it. I love the symbolism - and the smell. :slight_smile: You can tell a church that uses incense as soon as you walk in the door. It reminds me I’m in a holy place.

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