Does your kids have braces? How much were they?


Tabitha, 3k sounds about right. We had our three kids in braces up until a year ago. It was just about $9,000 total for all three. Only have two kids left in braces now. Yay!


We are starting “phase 1” with the ortho to the fine tune of $5,000.00. After 2 years phase 1 should be over and he said we will need to sit back and see what to do next. Her bottom jaw isn’t growing as fast as the top. She is 7.5 years old and will be fitted with her appliances a few days after her 8th birthday.


My daugther will be 9 years old in October and she just recently got braces for the top set of teeth and what they call a lip bumper for the bottom teeth. The total cost for this simple but expensive piece of hardware cost $3,095.00. Oh yea it included a device that they will put in her mouth in about a year that will stretch the pallet on the mouth…She is suppose to wear the braces and lip bumper for approximately 2 years and from there we will see how her teeth do. I hope this will help. Donald


Some of your kids are under 10. I thought you were supposed to wait till the 12 yr old molars came in? Probably because they may make the teeth croaked again?


When my son got braces, they were $1800. My daughter’s will be $2700…certainly makes you feel robbed…lol


Most orthodonist will not put a full set of braces on kids until they are at least 12. My girl that will be 9 does not have a full set, she has only two brackets (put on the first 2 top teeth) then a wire that runs across, along with a lip bumper for her bottom. We had to start early doing this hoping that the problem will be corrected and we will not have to put a full set of braces on her. God Bless


Perhaps she should go into dentistry. I had a lab partner in a vertebrate anatomy class who was pre-dent and so fascinated by teeth that when we took apart our preserved cat’s jaw, she kept the teeth and took them home (after kindly asking me if I wanted them). Yes, she was a bit odd. :whacky:


My case exactly, right to the penny - we must have to same orthodontist!!

Add to that my son who is fixing an overbite ($1200) and then will need full braces after that ($??)

I imagine by the time we’re done we’ll have invested about $8000 total. Insurance covers some of this, but not all…


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