Does your parish celebrate the Feast of St.Blaise with a blessing of the throats?


Our Parish will be celebrating this Saturday, Feb.3rd the feast of ST.Blaise with an individual blessing of the throats. Does yours?


Yes-after mass




Yes, we have the individual blessings with the crossed candles, after Mass.


Yes, we will have the blessing after the 5pm mass on Saturday. I usually attend Sunday mass but I may go to Saturday mass so we all can get our throats blessed.


Our Church blesses individually, and I really do think St. Blaise watches over us! I have gotten my throat blessed the last two years, and I didn’t get my winter-long hacking cough or a sore thorat either year!


I can’t recall ever going to Mass on St. Blaise’s Memorial anywhere that the throat blessing wasn’t done.

Houston, Dallas, Las Vegas, Oklahoma City, Florida, Oregon.

I’ve even seen the throat blessing done after Sunday Mass when Feb 3 was a Sunday and the Memorial isn’t celebrated.

I think on St. Blaise Day, just like Ash Wednesday, even lapsed Catholics like to come to mass.


Hopefully these lapsed Catholics will stay around for a while.


My parish will do individual blessings on both the Feast day itself and the nearest Sunday (if the feast isn’t already on a Sunday). I guess especially at this time of year, they don’t want anyone to miss out on the blessing.


I voted “No, never even heard of this tradition” but I realized that I could be wrong since I wasn’t at this parish last year at this time. Not that I know of though – and I’ve personally never heard of it…


My parish does the individual blessing of throats on the Sunday closest to the feast day, usually after Mass is over.


My parish does individual blessings on the Feast day and a general blessing on the nearest Sunday every year.


Sometime last year or so, before I returned to the church, I remember telling my husband about a time when I was a kid and a priest we knew (actually, he was a priest at the time but eventually left the priesthood) was at our house and held crossed candles to my throat and said some prayer(s). I remember having a sore throat or something and instantly feeling better after he finished praying. My husband, who’s not Catholic had never heard of that. I’ll bet the priest was praying for the intercession of St. Blaise.

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