Does your parish do use full ceremonial for non-Sunday, non-Holy Day Solemnities?


Incense, music, etc.?

As far as I can tell, my parish treats them as ferial Masses, essentially.


Yes! It is glorious. We sing the Gloria, I find someone to chant the Psalm, we sing a few hymns, we have incense, and we light all six candles. And this for 7:00 a.m. daily Mass.

Our rector is a liturgical maximalist. He chants every Mass (except for TLM Low Mass, of course).

Also, our priests are Franciscan friars. So we get extra solemnities.

Also, we celebrate the days of the Octave of Christmas and the days of the Octave of Easter as Solemnities. Incense, candles, singing, (at Christmas, carols galore), etc.


No, the only weekday solemnities that get fully celebrated are ones that are holy days of obligation. The other feasts or solemnities are treat as a regular weekday Mass (i.e. no music, incense, etc.)


My regular parish is Byzantine Rite, so of course we do the whole thing (incense, chant, etc. ) at any Liturgy, even daily.

I occasionally attend a local Latin Rite parish. Generally, only Holy Days of Obligation celebrated in the manner you describe, with the exception of the patronal feast day of the parish, St. Patrick's Day and and the feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe.


Yes! Every Wednesday, Friday, HDO as well as first and second class feasts are celebrated with at least a sung Mass in the evening (afternoon if on Saturday); Chants, motets, lights, altar servers and incense - we have it all! Its also a real treat to solemnly venerate the relics of the saints we celebrate in addition to other traditional pious customs. Festal solemnities for the win! and Ferial days of course!:wink:


Not at the early morning Mass., we will have the Gloria and Creed but not all the music etc. If is the noon or evening time all of that can happen. (depends on if the musicians are available I suppose.)


Nope. We generally don’t see full ceremonials even on Sundays and Holy Days.


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