Does your parish have both modern and traditional Mass?


Hi, just wondering what other parishes do. If you have more than one liturgy per weekend, is one more traditional and the other more modern or youth oriented? If so, is the difference largely limited to the music? Or do you have regularly scheduled youth Mass?


We have four liturgies, an anticipated Mass on Saturday evening and three on Sunday morning.

The Saturday Mass and the 7:30am Sunday Mass are the more subdued with a cantor and accompanist. But I don’t know that I’d call either of them traditional.

The 9:00am Mass is the one with the adult choir. That choir sings both traditional and contemporary music.

The 11:00am Mass is the one where the youth choir sings. It is mostly contemporary music and is by far the Mass with the greatest attendance.

We don’t have an EF Mass at our parish. The nearest one is at the Mission about 25 minutes drive from here. But we do frequently sing the Kyrie in Greek and the Angus Dei in Latin.


Four Sunday masses here and one on Saturday night… all the same, just a difference in who is singing. One gets the choir and the rest are left with cantors who may or may not sing in tune… but I can’t complain, since I can’t really sing well myself. :wink:


We have 2 Sat. Masses, 4 on Sunday, and during the school year an extra Mass on Sunday at 5pm geared toward the youth, but which draws a lot of parishoners. The Masses are the same, the music is a bit different–a choir sings at one Mass on Sun., a small choral group at another, and the rest have Cantors, with the Sun. evening Mass having a few young people singing more contemporary music.

We have a pipe organ and a piano, occasionally someone will play a violin accompaniment, and we have a youth orchestra and handbell choir that play for special occasions and Christmas and Easter.

So we are rather varied, but we don’t have any guitars, and the only time the drums are used are when the orchestra plays.

The EF is not said at our parish, but there is an FSSP parish about a half-hour away.


All modern at our Parish.


my parish has several Masses each weekend. All of them use true sacred music, because there is absolutely no need to dumb down the music for the youth. Most of the youth go to the Mass with the most traditional music (ie, chant and polyphony, instead of the traditional hymns which are played at the other Masses).


With the exception of the Spanish Mass, all the Masses are the same at my parish.

A priest who rushes through the Mass and tells jokes. I don’t know much more about him. Lectors, servers (very few last I was there), way too many EMHCs.

The music is trendy stuff mixed in with some more traditional hymns (though they are lacking in the church’s hymnal), played on the organ (electronic) by a pseudo organist. Only the cantor except special events. There used to be a keyboard up there, too, but during my tenure as music director, I removed it from the loft. :smiley:

In all, I’d say mostly modern, though I don’t think they’ve devolved to guitars and banjos yet.

EDIT: I do not go to this church for Mass.


My parish has both Traditional and Modern Masses.

On Sundays we have a High Traditional Mass followed by a Said Mass in the Ordinary Form.

On Weekdays we have five said Masses in the Ordinary Form followed by Adoration of the Exposed Blessed Sacrament. After Benediction Mass is said or sung in the Extraordinary Form.

On Saturdays we have a said Mass in the OF followed by a said or sung Mass in the EF; the last regularly scheduled Mass is said in the OF as the vigil anticipated liturgy for Sunday.


No, all Masses are traditional, in the EF form, because we are an FSSP parish. :extrahappy:


All modern Masses on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Modern music, band (not choir), no bells at consecration…:frowning:


I do enjoy tradition, but I feel like we have to be careful not to make people feel as if a Mass is less valid if it is modern. Sometimes I feel like Modern Mass is tossed around like an insult/swear on this board. :wink:


Saturday 4:30 p.m. Mass and 8:00 a.m. Sunday Mass are “modern” but we sing the Gloria, Sanctus,Mystery of Faith and Agnus Dei in Latin. Only opening hymn and offertory hymn are sung by congregation, others are sung by cantor and/or small choir, usually Latin. No closing hymn - an organ fanfare is played. Priest faces the people and chants the Eucharistic prayer, all responses are also sung.

Sunday 10:00 a.m. is also “modern” as above, but all music is chant, additional Latin (Pater Noster) - there is incense and Priest is ad orientem, no opening hymn - the congregation chants the Entrance Antiphon.

On the 3rd Sunday, the Traditional Latin Mass is offered.

p.s We always use the Communion Rail, but people are free to receive standing if they so choose - those people receive CITH or on the tongue, but people at the rail do not receive CITH.


We have 6 Sunday Masses. The choir sings at mid-morning Mass, the others have cantors. The music selection doesn’t change from Mass to Mass. Neither do the readings or prayers. :wink: Obviously we have more than one priest, so the homily does vary based on who the priest is.

Attendance at the Masses depends on what schedule is best for any one family or person. There aren’t any designations such as “family”, “seniors”, or “youth” on any Mass times.


Only one Mass on Sundays. But once a month we have a TLM on top of the OF.:smiley:


I wish…we have OF only and a Sunday evening “contemporary” Mass. I have no choice but to attend that Sunday evening one this week, I’m hoping it won’t be that bad. The regular OF Masses have been very reverent.


Thankfully mine has neither :wink:


Our local parishes are rural and cover a lot of territory; there is one pastor serving 3 parishes every Sunday. He can barely fill the need for OF Masses, there’s no way that he can add an EF Mass.

Those of a more traditional bent can go to two SSPX chapels about 50 miles either west or east of here, or to a Benedictine monastery 25 miles away that while its Mass is OF, it is done in beautiful Gregorian chant with Gregorian Latin propers and Latin & Greek ordinary, with French plainchant for the rest. I won’t set foot in an SSPX chapel, and I find that the monastery (of which I am an oblate) more than fulfills my need for beauty, reverence and Catholic tradition.


We have Masses in both the Extraordinary Form and the Ordinary Form, if that is what you mean.

If you are speaking of the Ordinary Form alone, then all of our Masses are what would be commonly called 'traditional', in that there a substantial use of Latin and Chant, bells, altar boys alone, use of communion rails and no intraments other than the organ and the human voice.


I do enjoy vernacular liturgy, but I feel like we have to be careful not to make people feel as if a Mass is less valid if it is tradtional, and especially in Latin. Sometimes I feel like the terms* Latin* or pre-Vatican II are tossed around like an insult/swear among many progressives. :wink:


We have six Sunday Masses.

The Saturday night and 7 am Sunday ones are more low-key, with maybe a piano or organ and one cantor. The 9 am Mass is more of a "family" style I guess, they have CLOW some Sundays, and sometimes the homily is geared toward children. Sometimes the children's choir sings. All contemporary music. The 11 am is more traditional, with an adult choir and piano/organ. I don't know about the Spanish Mass as I've never been. Then Sunday night is the Life Teen Mass, which of course, uses contemporary praise style music.

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