Does your parish offer daily weeknight Masses?


Does your parish offer weeknight Masses M-F? Mine used to when I was a very small child. 7:00PM I believe. I remember we used to go on Wednesday evenings. The church was dark at night, in a very solemn way. I can recall the pipe organ being played and kneeling next to the altar railing, but I was too young to receive. By the time I made my first confession, they were no longer celebrated.

I wish they still existing. Even if only on Wednesdays…


No they do not. And the morning Masses are at 9:30am when everyone is already at work, unless you of course are retired.


Our dailies are at 07:00 (many are already on their way to work) and at 12:00 noon. I don’t work nearby so I cannot make that one either. I would go to Mass at night though.

I guess priests want their evenings free?


No weeknight masses normally. We have a 6:15 AM and 8:30 AM mass. We do have First Friday masses in the evening though, which may or may not be the NO in Latin depending on the priest.


Same here, I go very occasionally if I am off work but it’s retired people only in general.


Maybe, a lot of them do administration, visiting the sick, and have other functions.

But then again, some in my area don’t turn up to their advertised confession times on a weekend afternoon.


My priest is so busy during the day and way into the evening that adding in an extra mass would be quite stressful for him. I’m still in awe of seeing just how much he is doing around the parish and in the community. Yet he still manages to roll out of bed for the early morning adoration slots if someone isn’t coming to the chapel. The one time he slept through his alarm instead of coming to relieve me at 1 AM I didn’t even call him (he keeps his number in the back in case someone needs to leave) because I just knew it was because he was so tired. I ended up doing a 3 hour adoration slot that night because the person to relieve him didn’t show up either and I still didn’t want to call him.


Yes, I have an interest in the earliest and latest daily masses in my area. I travel somewhat often and, generally, these have been no earlier or later than the 6am and 6pm hours. Yes, 8 am masses are common but don’t fit for many people with responsibilities related to work or school. Noon hour daily masses are somewhat common but are not often a good fit for a lunch hour unless the work location is very close and the priest seems to be competing for “fastest mass in the area”. Many locations have daily masses only on some days of the week. Saturday morning masses have become particularly rare.

Daily mass is a “means of (supernatural) grace”. Do we not pray: “Give us this day our (extraordinary) bread.”?


I asked the long-retired pastor about 5 years ago why they quit having the weekday evening Masses in the late 1970’s? He said that he and the curates simply got tired of celebrating them…

Back then my parish had 4 priests available to celebrate the Mass, just as it does today. I figure each Mass required no more than 40 minutes of priestly time. It’s rather sad that each priest couldn’t find an additional 3.5 hours of time/month to support the nightly celebration of the Mass in the parish.


At present my parish (St. Mary’s in Star City, WV, just outside Morgantown) is not having Daily Mass at all because our priest is on medical leave. We have had visiting priests for Sunday and HDO Masses.

St. Francis de Sales parish, south of Morgantown, has a 7:00 PM Mass on Wednesdays.


We have a small parish and 99% of the daily Mass attendees are in their 70s or older. Daily Mass was at 6:30 p.m. until recently when the time change, early darkness, and cold temperatures triggered a change to 10:00 am so that our elders don’t have to leave the house at night.


To be fair I’m not sure how well attended evening masses would be, especially in the dark winter months.


Psst… guess when most meetings with those wishing to marry, or be counseled, or parish organizations take place? Or, when visits to funeral homes take place? “Evenings free”??? :rofl:


Not really. We used to have a daily mass at 7 am, but that was moved to 8:30 am so road crews had more time to remove ice and snow during the winter. We do have a 6:30 pm mass on Friday evenings, but not the other nights of the week.


That’s not what the OP asked.

WeekNIGHT daily Masses.

The answer for me personally is no but I wish - the Cathedral Parish down the street has daily morning and also noontime Mass but not normally evening Mass.

The giant parish on the other side of town used to have both daily morning and evening (6pm) Mass but they stopped a few years back… really a shame.

I absolutely love the ambience of a dimly lit Church at night with the Holy Mass being sung and the soft light and smell of many candles…and preferably some incense too! I wish incense was used as often in the Roman Church as it is in Byzantine Churches, copious plumes of smoke from sweet frankincense and myrhh give us such a solid connection to ancient Israelite worship of old. Moses and Aaron would’ve produced enormous clouds of incense when they worshipped - and I like the idea of imitating them in certain ways of worship!


Yep. But only for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday only in my Parish. Happens at 6:00 pm


We have a 7pm Mass on a Thursday and morning Masses on 3 other weekdays. One day there’s no Mass, I think that’s possibly the priest’s day off (he has no other help and he’s also hospital chaplain).


Reminder: You can check mass times for many locations at this web address:


Daytime is more preferred for several reasons for daily mass.

First, daily mass is more popular among senior citizens, who really don’t like to go out that much at night for various reasons.

Second, daytime would allow the students in the parish school to attend.

Lastly, morning is a lot more traditional, due to the former fasting requirements. People just aren’t as used to making it to church at night, even though it has been many a moon since old school fasting requirements were in effect.


We have daily Mass at 7:00 pm four days a week, and a morning Mass on the fifth day. I love it, but I do recognize that it is a strain for our pastor. Fortunately, he is committed to this parish; it is rare that daily Mass is cancelled, and even if he is going to be away for a night, he’ll frequently arrange for another priest to come and fill in for him. We are incredibly lucky.

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