Does Your Priest?

Does your priest wear a crucifix (chain) on the outside, where others can see as a witness? I have not met any except the bishop that does and this was a norm, in the old days. Even the nuns wore such a crucifix or an entire rosary around their neck. Now in plane clothes I don’t see any. Ask your priest why because this seems like it is lost as to a great testimony. I have recently prurchased one and am wearing it. Dessert

I thought only bishops and abbots wore pectoral crosses.

Personally, I think a Priest gives better testimony and witness to the True Faith by wearing his Cassock and Collar full time, even in public.

There is no reason a Priest cannot do this… It is a virtual slap in the face to secularism, and shows people the Holy Catholic Church does indeed still exist.

I have heard stories; such as a little child in an Airport, upon seeing two priests come off a plane in their cassocks and collars exclaimed to her mother pointing “look mummy, its the Church!”.

I would settle for them wearing clerical garb in public, that would be a huge improvement.

Amen. It gets quite hot here, but I think our priests could wear the white cassocks that they wear in the tropics.

I believe I may have been wrong about the priest with the cross around his neck but I know it was on a belt or rosary around his waist but not sure if it was a rosary but the crucifix was quite large. Maybe this was actually an option in the day(before VII) but they also wore the cassock I know, which I don’t think was an option. If a priest wears regular clothes what can stop them from wearing a crucfix?
So did the dress change occur after VII and if it did they could still wear a rosary now?
So could they wear a rosary around their neck?
I have seen them in their black clothes but nothing else to signfy christian.
So can they wear a scapula?
They do wear black and white so we should not have a problem with this color thing.
Maybe they carry one in their pocket or under their shirt?

Do they wear scapula or crucifix or rosary around their waist or neck or carry one in their pocket? Dessert

So could a priest wear just a cross like the monks do?
Just wondering if your priests wear anything that signifies he is a priest, and the other faiths do have the garb, a little different style of black and white dress. Dessert

My Priest wears his clerical garb always. He wore it when he came with the youth group to the Six Flag Amusement Park last year - middle of summer about 85 degrees - and he went on all the rides. What a wonderful sight that must’ve been - Father’s hands in the air as they zoomed down the hills on the roller coaster!!! God Bless him! :thumbsup:

Amen to that!

Our priest always wears his clerical garb too. Last weekend he took the ladies in the altar guild out to breakfast and wore his cassock to the restaurant. Turned quite a few heads:)

I don’t know about their pockets, but no, they don’t wear the rosary around their necks. Some religous order priests have the rosary hung from their belts or cinctures, is this possibly what you’re remembering?

Our priest almost always have their clericals on.

As to the cross, I’m not sure, but I think custom at least has been for only those of episcopal rank (and abbots and abbesses) to wear what we would call pectoral crosses. I’m not sure, though.

This sounds so cool. We live near a six flags and priests should have some fun too! I’m going to see what we can get our priest to go to near here. dessert

Most British priests wear clerical dark suit and dog collar. Officially Catholics priests are still forbidden to wear cassocks in public, a hang-over from penal times. Generally they don’t wear religous jewellery. That’s more laypersons’ sign of devotion.

Some don’t wear clerical dress because they see it as creating a barrier between themselves and the people they are ministering to, Then there are occasions when it is prudent or reasonable to be less conspicuous. You can’t blame a priest for going in jeans and T- shirt if he has business on a really rough estate, for instance.

We are blessed to have 3 fine priests of the Mercedarian Order at our parish and each are either in their full religious habit or in clerical garb unless they are working in the kitchen or yard.

I cannot remember Dioceson priests wearing anything but a Cassock or Black Suit and a Roman Collar. A Biretta often accompanied the Cassock outfit. There were order priests like the Precious Blood Fathers who wore a large Crucifix kind of in a Cincture around their waist. Maybe the Jesuits as well. I think it was more prevalent among Missionary Orders.

Our local priests are Dominicans, usually in full habit including Rosary attached to the cincture :thumbsup: and we also have some of Mother Teresa’s nuns, who do the same.

The nuns who taught school used to wear short habits, but they did wear a very plain and simple version of a pectoral cross (just a large cross on a blue ribbon around the neck).

Never seen a religious wearing a Rosary around the neck though.

Some religious orders might wear crosses on their habits, but the traditional Monastic orders (Cistercian/Trappist, Benedictine and Carthusians do not generally wear crosses on their habits. Cisticercian and Benedictine abbots wear a cross, I am not sure if Carthusian Priors do.


Most of the priests I come into contact with belong to religious orders, which determine what they wear. For example, I’ve seen Redemptorist priests with a full 15-decade rosary looped around the cincture of their cassocks.

Also, the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate wear a rather large crucifix that they tuck into the cincture of their cassocks - it’s probably too heavy to just wear around the neck. My parish is run by Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate, and they usually wear their cassocks with the crucifix. :slight_smile:

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