Does your spouse/gf/bf post on CAF?


My husband is thinking about joining here…Just curious how many posters’ spouses/girlfriends/boyfriends are members of CAF, and post here, as well? And if not–has he/she thought of joining?:slight_smile:


No, but sometimes she tells me things she thinks should be posted here, then I post them.


Hi leopard;

Me, too…my dh likes to listen to some of the topics…and then he asks me to reply. I told him…you should just join…lol He is thinking about it…we shall see.


My dh just lurks from over my shoulder. He’ll ask questions and I’ll post or search for a related topic.


yup that is me too:)

but my ex and his new wife are here at CAF of occasion:eek:


Yikes! Do they know who you are on here?


Could be, dont care:D
could make for some interesting posts though dont ya think:p :wink:


**Yup, although not as often as he’d like. (he gets a little distracted by facebook, ebay, and some video game sites:shrug:). Thankfully he reads lots of books, most of them Catholic topics…



this is us :smiley:


My husband used to be a lot more active on CAF than he is now. His username is “Psychemusic.” We both became members about the same time.


My wife is not a member yet, hoping to get her and my college kids on board in '08. I think CAF has good info and resources.:wink:


DH is registered, but never has time to post. He thinks the computer is for working, silly man! :stuck_out_tongue: Once in a while I send him the link to a thread he would be very interested in, and he’ll post.


No. I discourage DW from reading any posts from this site.


Yes DH is a member. But… he is not very active because he is a moderator on another forum and that takes up alot of his time. Plus, on his other forum, he also has to write articles and stuff, so he is always busy.


No, he won’t do the message board thing. He’s shy in real life, and he rarely spouts off opinions to anyone but the kids and I. Well, and his parents.

I have asked him to answer a few questions aimed towards men or dads here but he’s declined. Just a simple “no thanks.”

He does enjoy hearing some of the stories I retell though. :thumbsup:


DH posts rarely, but I think he regularly reads the Apologetics threads. I rarely read any of his posts (and I don’t think he reads mine) because our interests are so different.



I talked about this with my dh the other day, and he said that he ‘says things the way he sees them’ and that might offend people on here…that’s his only qualm. I said…you wouldn’t be alone, though–there are a lot of blunt ppl on here.:smiley: He also doesn’t fully agree with everything the RCC teaches–he follows the laws, etc…but doesn’t agree with it, if that makes sense…so, he doesn’t want to get into debates. (although he likes to debate in real life) We shall see! Thanks for your replies…I was just curious.


Mine too. However, earlier today he found my first attempt at responding to this thread when I got up from the computer to do something for the kids. He might lurk here on occassions when I leave this site up on the screen, but I doubt that he ever join or post. He occassionaly reads or listens while I read thread responses outloud, but he really doesn’t understand my fascination with CAF. :shrug:


lol mine neither, although he is grateful to hear replies about the faith, when I have had questions…he might have had the same questions and didn’t want to ask. He is also quite grateful for the replies on the New Year’s thread…it made our shopping go soooo quick, it was remarkable. :slight_smile:


Not my husband or boyfriend but my father post here. I got him started and he has way way more post then me.LEt me just say he a very very active member. He will actaully send me links and such or if we catch each other in the same thread he will make comments about each other. We actaully talk alot on CAF. I think he knows more about my life through the web board then when i call him…

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