Doesn't Catechism 627 imply Shroud of Turin Not Jesus? Why Jesus not decay in 60 hr?

My teen cousin and his brother were walking home one evening and a car of 3 guys stopped and started a fight with them. A man called the police and when they heard the sirens they jumped in their car and took off. It wasn’t until my cousin got home that they saw blood on the back of his shirt. He didn’t even know he had been stabbed. They rushed him to the hospital and found the artery to his lung had been severed and rushing him into surgery, giving his parents very little hope. the priest came and anointed him on the way to surgery. He lived against all odds, the Dr.s said. His blood pressure had dropped so low, they couldn’t believe it came back up. Thank God for the Sacraments! God Bless, Memaw

IMO, this stringent application of ‘corruption’, defies the very concept of death by Crucifixion to begin with. Christ’s flesh was fully human, because He was fully human–else the crucifixion itself, not to mention the scourging before hand, ought not have had any impact on Him.

Rigor mortis could have set in during death–just as his flesh was torn by whips and such during the scourging, and with the thorns on his forehead, and the nails actually penetrated his hands and feet; and the the cells regenerated, upon resurrection.

TBL: RM hardly rules out the Shroud of Turin, any more than death rules out Resurrection–because the latter defied science so severely, as to render any attempts as scientific understanding…shall we say, not particularly well founded.

IOW: If you can’t explain the Resurrection through science…what’s the point in trying to nail down (pardon the pun) the events prior, by science?

BTW: I believe the Shroud of Turin (Italy) is confirmed by the Sudarium of Oviedo, located in Spain. A great book on the latter–Sacred Blood, Sacred Image–imo, does a magnificent job in linking the 2, and showing how the latter serves to authenticate the former (albeit, not necessarily conclusively, scientifically, but enough in terms of circumstantial evidence to weigh on the side of legitimacy, at least on a preponderance of the evidence standard).


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