Doesn't it matter what denomination of Christian you are?

In my view Christians should be One and have no dissensions among us ie infant Baptism, the Eucharist etc. I’ll take a step further but don’t take it personal. It is only the Devil who doesn’t care what type of denomination Christians are. He knows Christians want to go to Heaven and that Jesus is Lord.

What is your Church’s tradition or personal (for those who don’t belong to a Church community) think?


As I understand it - Lutherans reject denominationalism and make the non-exclusive claim to be the visible one holy catholic and apostolic church and we would join Catholics in desiring that we all may be one (John 17:21)


There was One Church then. Unfortunately people started to become clever. Cleverer than the Church and went on their own, unfortunately (not what Jesus had wanted).

Of course it matters. Truth matters. There are many things we can agree on for sure. But we can’t gloss over our differences.

What differences are important to you?

Yes, the " I know more than the Church" mentality has had disastrous results including division and more division of the Church into thousands of denominations.


Doctrinal differences. Practical and political differences don’t matter much to me.

Specifically, between Catholics and Protestants, which doctrinal differences are important?

Justification, the sacraments, the doctrine of the church, and the source of authority.

Yes. Also, women clergy and moral issues such as homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle or a call to celibacy, and abortion acceptable or against the Commandments.


If I understand the Orthodox church, the visible church matters. The union between the churches matters and is not an option. The idea of the invisible church being taken to the degree the reformation took it in, seems impossible to reconcile with the Orthodox practice of forbidding communion to those who are not baptised or chrismated into the church.

So the particular church we attend absolutely matters.

Yes, it does. God saves who He wills, so who am I to say that there are none saved except within my own tradition - however, communion is a gift reserved for believers and how are we to know them except by a common profession of faith? For this reason Lutherans historically have practiced close(d) communion as do the Catholic and Orthodox churches.

It is an unfortunate fact that certain Lutherans have abandoned this practice and have an open table. To be honest, this diversity of doctrine (not just practice!) has damaged my own confidence in the Lutheran church. Of course I know there are as many disobedient and wayward Catholics as there are Lutherans, but there is a difference between the sludge percolating up from the pews and the error showering down from the pulpit.

Interesting observations. However, a lot of people here are talking about unity among Christians. I don’t see it coming unless there is a certain amount of pluralism allowed.

The nature of the Eucharist.

The Eucharist is the source and summit of Christian life. The Eucharist is God, not a representation of God, or something in which God is present, the Eucharist is God.

This is problematic to many Protestants who view the Eucharist as symbolic.

Exactly! It is problematic for Protestants because they have taken this particular sacrament and diluted it to white bread cubes and grape juice. I would think if Jesus wanted the Eucharist to be white bread cubes and grape juice He would have said so. He didn’t, therefore it is NOT a symbol but the body & blood, soul & divinity of Jesus Christ.

But I believe that both Protestants and Catholics say that some things in the Bible are not to be taken literally, but they disagree on which is which.
For example:
Eucharist - for Catholics literal, for Protestants symbolic.
Call No Man Father - For Catholics this is take figuratively, but Protestants take this literally when applied to religious authorities.

All Christians are working towards salvation and all Christian denominations that ]believe the Nicene and Apostles creeds -try to lead Christians to achieve this end-our Church feels the Pope is a Holy wise man-we open the Eucharist to all baptized Christians-we likewise feel that there are wonderful Christian leaders of all denominations trying to lead the flock as one would say-

What bothers me is the barely concealed disdain that many Christians feel for members of other denominations-surely that is a sin-

a comment the Evangelical Lutheran Church (the larger denomination) is in Communion with the Episcopal Church-we share communion

As for issues of human sexuality this area offers fertile ground for those that want to widen denominational differences -

I must admit that I am personally incredibly far removed from the Evangelical and roman Catholic positions on these issues that I can not see personally any potential union-likely this is a case of the kettle calling the pot black-most Episcopaleans as do I abhor abortion

no unity but we should work together whenever possible -accept the fact that reasonable people can disagree

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