Doesn't the Holy Land overflow with Catholicism?


I have never been to the Holy Land, but would love the opportunity. From my perspective, the Holy Land seems very, very Catholic (i.e. The Church of the Ascension, the Holy Sepulchre, the church of the Nativity, etc.) Is that the way it is in the Holy Land? Do Protestants sense the Catholicism there? Just wondering the Protestant advantage point of the Holy Land. Thanks.


since the Holy Land is in the possession, depending on the location you are speaking of, of Muslims, Jews and Orthodox Christians, with a few holy places in Catholic hands, tended by the Franciscans, it is hard to say what “emotional” feeling any visitor might have, and whether or not that is attributable to the religious presences.


I belong to a men’s book club where we (three Catholics, a Lutheran and Baptist) read various religious books and share our perspective. It is always quite illuminating and enjoyable even when we disagree.

Anyway, one time one of the non-Catholic members invited a friend from out of town who is leader in his Baptist church. He teaches Sunday School as well leading an adult Bible Study. Not knowing our diverse religious traditions, he chose to share his recent experience on a Baptist pilgrammage to the Holy Land. You should have seen the look on everyone when he actually said,“The biggest surprise I witnessed was the lack of Christian churches and Christians in the Holy Land. The Holy Land only has Jews, Muslims, Catholics, and Orthodox there. There is virtually no Christian presence. We couldn’t even find a Baptist church.”


I have never been… but would LOVE to go! :wink:
Sorry to be off topic!


Sorry to go off-topic, but

I know exactly what you mean. My roommate is a Baptist who knows perfectly well that I am a Catholic. Just yesterday, he was telling me that his bible study was remarkable because the guy who was leading it “has only been a Christian for about a year, I mean, he was Catholic before that, but you know what I mean”. :eek:


That is astonishing…

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