Dog bites firefighter who rescued it from LA River

When the helicopter hovered overhead, the dog scrambled to the side of the river and tried to climb the sides, only to slip each time.

The 50-year-old St. Georges finally splashed down from the helicopter, wrestled with the frightened canine and lifted it to safety.

Helicopter pilot Scott Bowman said St. Georges took a muzzle with him but he wasn't able to get it on, "so he decided to go for the capture."

i'm happy that they rescued the dog but seriously, why use a helicopter to save a dog that will ultimately end up in a pound as 1000's of other dogs in the LA area?

Maybe it won't. This kind of story always gets lots of people calling up and wanting to adopt the creature. Think positive!

Since the TV stations showed the dog in the river, the firefighters were afraid someone else would try to rescue the dog. Then they would have to try to rescue the person. They thought it was better not to endanger a human life.

I watched this all unfold on tv yesterday and boy did it get my heart. This dog looks just like Mason, my german shepherd. I was cheering when he was flying through the air being rescued. I’m so glad the dog and firefighter are ok! :thumbsup:

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