dog down

We had to put our dog down today. very sad day indeed.:frowning:

:console: I am very sorry for the loss of your dog. It is very difficult to say goodbye to such a loyal and unconditional loving companion. We put dog down 6 years ago and my husband still misses him.

I’m really sorry you had to put your dog down:console:

I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine how hard it was.

I am so sorry. I know how you feel. :console:

I understand…praying for you…

So sorry, that’s a hard thing to have to face.

So sorry you have lost your pet.

I’ve had dogs and cats in my life, and I love them both and losing one is heartbreaking.

You are in my prayers today.

My condolences.

So sorry. My wife and I had to wrestle with this situation recently. It’s not easy.

My condolences, amigo.

My FOXY LADY died naturally two years ago, but I will miss her for many more years. She was my baby.


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