Dog needs prayers


I had to take my almost-five-year old dog to the vet today and it turns out one of her liver enzymes is elevated. I’m very nervous although it doesn’t seem to be life-threatening. I had to put my poodle down two and a half years ago and my fear is I’ll be faced with that situation too soon.

I realize that she’s “only a dog,” but being single she’s my family here where I live.



I know what you mean. I live alone with my cat. Do a Google search for Franciscan pet blessings. There will be some prayers you can say for your dog. In another thread, I posted the one I use every day for my cat:

“Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You inspired St. Francis to call all animals his brothers and sisters. We ask you to bless this animal, by the power of your love, enable it to live according to your plan. Amen”

p.s. I have said a prayer for your dog. I also put a little holy water on my cat each day when I pray the pet prayer. :slight_smile:

Pax et Bonum


hi nanny, I can totally relate to your 4 legged child being family.

My 10 yr. old bassett was dxed with diabetes 2 months ago and it just broke my heart. He gets insulin shots 2x day and I still have to watch him closely seeing as 3 weeks ago he crashed due to low blood sugar. Boy was I ever scared but a wonderful ER tech talked me through getting the sugar into his blood stream so he could return to normal.

When DH works, Ike is my only source of companionship. We take naps together, do chores together (he watches & finds me if I am not in the same room w/hiim), and take walks together.

I will definitely keep your dog in my prayers.

God Bless,



I will say a prayer for your dog tonight. I understand how animals become
your family. Sometimes they are nicer to us than our real family.


I, too, have a dog that’s very much a part of my family! I will pray for yours! Through the intercession of St. Francis of Asissi, pray for us! :gopray:


You need to get out more. Your social life needs an upgrade… badly.



Fr. Benedict Groeschel once said that when he dies he wants to find the pets that people lose because it breaks their hearts to lose them. (especially old people). Loving an animal doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with a person or with their social life. On the contrary.:wink:


You have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to comment on my life. You do not know me.

Not that I have to justify myself to you, but I have a very full life. I have five nieces and nephews (one on the way) that I enjoy spoiling, I have a job that I love, I am active in my church choir, I have great hobbies that I enjoy, I am active with church and friends, I am very blessed to have been able to travel to places that most people only dream about. Part of my life that I need to “upgrade badly” is my animals!!! They are a significant part of my life.

I realize that some people do not feel the same about their pets, but you might want to reconsider being very sanctamonious about those of us that do. And before you slam someone for their devotion to their pets, you might want to think about your own life and not throw bricks at glass houses.



Your dog may be just an animal but she is still a creature made by God and worthy of care and love. While it’s best not to blur the lines between animal and human for all parties (that’s how we get to have such spoiled and frustrated pets), they are like friends or family members. They often have a special place in our lives, even though our lives are full of people, activities, etc.

We have many cats but we like all animals. It’s frightening when they are sick and losing one can be very hard. We just had to put our 14 y.o. cat down last week - tried for months to sustain her enough so she could recover but she’d improve and then slide back further each time. I miss her terribly, especially since she was my Mom’s cat (Mom died in 04), and even though we have plenty of others to care for. Of course, she seemed like a kitten to us since we had put our 21 y.o. asleep just before this one got sick.

I will remember your fuzzy friend in my prayers and hope you have many more happy years together.


Thank you for your kind words and prayers. I have been very blessed that I had the funds necessary to deal with all the medical issues (I’m speaking particularly about the dog I had to put down) As someone mentioned in an earlier post she too had diabetes and had to take shots every day twice a day. I spent a lot of effort and resources to get her healthy and then she went into heart failure and that’s when I made the decision to put her down.

I am fully aware that if I had been married and had a family I might not have been able to do as much for her and would have to make that decision a lot sooner than I did. It’s for that reason that I include my pets in my budgeting process so unless it’s something extremely huge I don’t have to let finances be a major factor.


I believe that God can shower blessings on us through people AND animals. And noone has informed my Chiquita that she is not a person, I have no intentions of doing so myself.

Nannypk…Saying a prayer for your loved one!


Nobody’s informed Dixie either – or my two cats for that matter :slight_smile:


Wow. drafdog. How unchristian & offensive! I notice you like to throw around those words in other posts, but you are actually describing yourself in this one.:tsktsk:
Nanny I will pray for your Dog, as I am a Dog lover and know how you feel. :slight_smile:


Just because we love our dogs, doesn’t mean we “need to get out more”!

Look, if you aren’t much of a pet-lover, fine, to each his own…but don’t make the OP feel worse when she is looking for support :mad:


I agree with the above poster. If it wasn’t for my Ike 3 yrs. ago while I was recovering from my stroke, I would’ve been really depressed and miserable. He kept me on my toes when needed which was a good thing b/c I was required to walk in the house as part of my physical therapy. He knew when I needed to get up (he’d bark at me and if I didn’t respond, he’d get in my face literally) and when it was time to rest.

Now that he’s dxed with Diabetes, it’s my turn to take care of him.

Drafdog, your comments were uncalled for.


Has there ever been an animal-lovers’ thread here that hasn’t been "crashed’ by someone dismissively stating “it’s only an animal” or dragging in the old “why aren’t you all protesting about abortion instead?” chestnut? :shrug:

OP - praying for your dog here. I have no need to get out more, I get out plenty, and my animals are my “family” too and part of the fabric of my home and always will be. You are not alone. :slight_smile:


Hmmm… interesting. Subject and friends all take umbrage at the suggestion that there is an imbalance in subject’s attachment to pet. Subject clearly recognizes imbalance at least on subconscious level since help was solicited. Normal reaction to call for behavioral change calculated to return to more balanced emotional state.



I recall asking for prayers because my dog was sick not help to deal with an unbalanced emotional attachment to my dog. Thank you for asking, but she’s fine now.

You might want to take some advice that my mother always gave me: If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.


Glad to hear she’s doing better now!!! :thumbsup:

Don’t listen to him Nanny…there’s plenty of other dog-lovers out there that know how you feel :smiley:


Thank you all for your prayers and words of encouragement and sympathy.

To update you all one of her liver enzymes was out of whack – not sure what caused it. But she’s back to eating again and I slept through the night for the first time in three nights:D

Have a great weekend!

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